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PoE6000 IP Network PA System

DSPPA POE6000 IP Network System is based on DSPPA protocol and compatible with TCP/IP protocol.
IP Network takes the advantage of the existing LAN/WAN (like internet), which can help speed up the construction, save cable laying, and combine different networks together.
Comparing to traditional PA system, IP network system is more flexible and can transmit farther.
Applications: airport, railway system, stadium, expo center, park, office building, campus, shopping mall, manufacture plant, etc.

System Features

  • Zone management
  • Flexible,no limit of zone management
  • Scheduled broadcast & BGM playing
  • Programmable timing function
  • Remote control and paging function
  • Remote computer control and monitor
  • Fire alarm & voice evacuation
  • Automatic backup and recovery
  • No suppression,no dissipation and no delay

POE6000 Network PA System Diagram

Advantages of PoE Network PA System

● Multiple broadcast zones: Each network broadcast terminal is a zone, and there are many broadcast zones without restriction.
● Multiple channels of programs: Each channel of broadcast program is just a process in the computer software system, and multiple network broadcast terminals can play different programs at the same time.
● Multiple sub-control points: Each computer connected to the network is a broadcast sub-control point, and the broadcast sub-control point can theoretically be expanded to each person.
● Fast system construction: The construction of the IP network public address system only needs to connect the network broadcast terminal with the configured IP address to the network with a Cat-5/6 network cable, and the construction process is fast and easy.
● Good broadcast sound quality: The transmission of the IP network public address system is based on the digital IP network, which is not affected by the external environment and transmission distance. The sound quality of the high-fidelity active speakers can reach a higher level.
● Low system costs: Compared with traditional public address system, IP network public address system can save a lot of cables and complicated front-end control equipment, thus saving costs. The IP network public address system makes full use of the user’s computer and network resources, and protects the user’s investment.
● Easy system maintenance: After the broadcasting administrator authorizes the broadcasting system users, the users can use the broadcasting system independently on the sub-control client without the coordination of the administrator, which is trouble-free and convenient.
● Easy system management: The system administrator can set timing tasks for all different users and all different zones, and the system can automatically execute the playback under unattended operation.
● Easy to broadcast: As long as the users of the IP network public address system are authorized by the administrator, they can broadcast the program to the designated zone on their own computer sub-control point; they can also remotely set the scheduled task to automatically play without asking for help.

Main Devices

IP Network Ceiling Speaker


  • Support max 48kHz sampling rate 16bit digital audio
  • stream decoding
  • Built-in 2x9W digital amplifier, low power settings
  • With 1-channel auxiliary audio input interface, 1-channel
  • auxiliary audio output interface
  • 1-channel microphone input and 1-channel EMC
  • emergency output interface, 1-channel short circuit output

15W Outdoor POE Horn Loudspeaker


  • Rated power: 15W/8Ω
  • Freq. Response:350Hz-10kHz (±3dB)
  • Sensitivity:105±2dB
  • MAX SPL:117±2dB
  • SNR:≥70dB, THD≤1%
  • Power supply DC24V/2A or POE48V
  • 10/100M self-adaptive, support LAN and WAN

DSPPA network horn speaker can be widely used in various occasions, such as scenic spots, high-speed tunnels, industrial oil fields, etc. Combined with the IP monitoring system, it can realize real-time dynamic control and emergency handling of the project site area:
The following picture is the application place of POE170 combined with IP monitoring system.

POE Waterproof Column Speaker


  • Rated power: 20W/8Ω
  • Freq. Response: 50Hz-18kHz (±3dB)
  • SNR: ≥70dB, THD: ≤1%
  • Driver unit 3"x2+2"x1
  • Power supply POE48V
  • Support TCP/IP protocol
  • All-weather waterproof column speaker

POE Wall Mount Speaker


  • It can be coupled at any place with access to network.
  • It has MP3 decoding play function.
  • It supports maximum 48kHz sampling rate 16bit digital audio bit stream decoding.
  • 2×10W digital power amplifier is built in with low power consumption settings.
  • It can play the background music, emergency paging, and alarm signal and so on from the system host machine.
  • It has a way auxiliary audio input interface, a way auxiliary audio output port, a way EMC emergency output port and 1-way short circuit output, as well as 1-way MIC input.
  • The local output volume and local playing state are controllable.
  • Signal state LED indication, working state and information change digital display.
  • It can be controlled by the infrared remote controller.

SNR Self-adaption POE Sensor


  • Cat-5 cable connect with POE switch
  • Noise detection range 50dB-100dB
  • Automatic feedback the real-time SNR to system host
  • Host analyse the feedback information and auto adjust the speaker volume
  • Setup the sensor to match a certain speaker
  • Multiple sensors with independent control on different terminals respectively
  • Power Supply POE48V

POE Fire Alarm Terminal


  • Support TCP/IP protocol, can be mount to any place accessible to the network.
  • Provide a complete interface that complies with the IEEE802.3af/at standard of the Power over Ethernet (PoE) system.
  • With 1-channel 485 communication interface, and 2-channel trigger signals.
  • Can be powered by PoE+48V or adapter.


IP Network PA Control Center


  • IP based network system
  • 17"true color touch screen,easy for use
  • Industrial circuit board for stable running
  • Standard 19"design for rack mounting
  • Keys are needed to turn on the console,ensure the operation system
  • Modualrized design to meet different project requirements
  • Support online software updating


IP Network Paging Station(desktop type)


  • IP network remote control & paging station
  • Support 10M/100M self-adaptive TCP/IP protocol
  • 7"true color LCD touch screen display & control
  • Built-in 3W speaker for monitor and talk-back function
  • Can play music from the console to one zone/all zones
  • Support zone paging and group paging
  • Support paging recording and memo function
  • Built-in chime as speech & paging notification

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