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MAG6000 IP Network PA System for Port

Solution Description

DSPPA IP Network System is based on DSPPA protocol and compatible with TCP/IP protocol. It takes the advantage of the existing LAN/WAN (like internet) to speed up the construction, save cable laying, and combine different networks together. Compared with the traditional PA system, IP network system is more flexible and can transmit farther.

Solution Highlight Functions

System Connection Diagram

 System Functions

1. Timing, fixed-point music (timing music)
The system can program multiple sets of timing points 24 hours a day according to the settings; and can set different MP3 music as background music in rest time every day, creating a good, comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for the port.
2. Remote paging
With remote control and paging function, the user can publish the management information of the port in his own office, no need to go to the computer room; and can use the remote paging station to broadcast and speak at any point, zone or whole area of the port.
3. Real-time program collection and broadcast
The public address system is equipped with a variety of program audio sources, such as CD players, MP3 players, digital radios and other program audio source devices, which can be broadcast in real time through the main control software, and can be designated to broadcast to related areas or all areas of the port.
4. Unattended auto broadcast
According to the needs of broadcast, this system can automatically broadcast or stop one or more timing broadcast tasks on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, or on a basis of programmed timing points, to meet the automatic operation requirements of unattended systems.
5. Network monitoring of the broadcast content and volume of each terminal
Through the monitoring device in the control room, the system can realize the single-point monitoring, that is, the port management center can monitor the broadcast content and volume of each point, so as to adjust the volume and broadcast content of each network terminal.
6. Emergency broadcast and fire linkage
When an emergency occurs, the emergency broadcast information can be played in time, and other functions of the public address system (such as background music, general broadcast) will be suspended, so as to quickly evacuate the crowd and guide the evacuation direction, until the emergency broadcast state is removed.
7. Emergency help intercom
The system has a one-key help alarm function. When a difficulty or emergency situation occurs, the emergency help terminal SOS installed outdoors can trigger the alarm directly, and quickly contact with the command center for voice intercom, so that the citizens can get help and guidance in the shortest time.


Based on the IP protocol, the system can support zone paging, broadcasting, help intercom, SOS alarm, and can connect the IP camera to monitor the situation of each zone. It can be widely used in the buildings, command centers, prisons, banks, factories, transportation centers, schools, parks and so on.

Main Devices

IP Visual Intercom Center

● 17.3 inch touch screen, easy to operation
● B/S framework, easy to login the server and control the system
● Support VOIP protocol, realize video intercom between the terminal
● Support online map, display the location and working status of each terminal
● The terminal can connect with IP camera, AI function customized
● Support seamless switch between main server and standby server
● Support zone paging and monitoring
● Support timing schedule function
● Support video intercom and video monitoring, can display monitoring scene via extension screen
● Power supply AC 220V/50Hz
● Product dimension 483x308x445mm

Support Android/IOS mobile phone sub-control paging control.
Mobile APP operation interface as shown below

● New features of the host

● Adopt B/S architecture, with WEB sub-control, and can access the settings through a browser.
Part of the WEB interface is as follows:

● TTS multilingual text broadcast

● Optimize timing system

● Integrate audio and video (video intercom, video surveillance, AI broadcasting, etc.)

● Support electronic map interactive management, which can customize the electronic map of a zone.

● Support net radio broadcasting and (DLAN, AIRPLAY) wireless music push.

Support remote management and settings of system peripheral devices on PC and host.

IP Visual Remote Paging Console

Support face recognition, fingerprint recognition, IC card authentication

IP Network Amplifier

● IP network digital power amplifier 
● RMS power 60W/120W/250W/350W/650W @ 100V 
● Support 10M/100M self-adaptive TCP/IP protocol 
● Built-in digital amplifier mould, high efficiency (90%) 
● Digital screen indicator for display status and time 
● Can play music, paging and alarm from the console 
● Built-in USB and SD interface for local audio playing 
● One AUX input, one Mic input, one AUX output & EMC output 
● Can link with MAG6402 display terminal and intercom panels

IP Network Time Calibrator

Application Effect:
Cabinet Installation

Speaker Installation

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