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DSP9000 Network PAGA System

Solution Description

The PAGA system is called the public address and the general alarm. PAGA technical field incorporates PABX (Phone system) and the audio / video intercom, ping, broadcast, commencement and other communication function
This is a communication system that integrates with emergency communication and broadcasting. With this system, it is possible to quickly notify the construction personnel of the oil and gas to evacuate in the event of an emergency or to ask the staff to seek help from the duty room. The PAGA system includes speakers, amplifiers, emergency phones explosion-proof phones, sound enclosures, telephone boots and other equipment. Our company adopts digital broadcasting system and IP communication system.
The system features diversity, serves large area and long-distance transmission.

Highlight Functions of the Solution

The System Diagram

Solution Highlight Functions

1.Information dissemination, partition management
Utilizing the background music broadcasting system to disseminate information throughout the district or specific regions, etc.
2. Timed and fixed music playback, unattended:
In light of your scheduling and management requirements,the system can schedule timed tasks of one day or one week, and set ringing tones; Enabling different zones or whole zone to play background music; Besides, you can also launch a hosting function to achieve unattended playing
3. Supporting TCP/IP protocol, SIP protocol, connection with third-party systems:
All-in-one network: Audio streaming and control signals are all transmitted over Ethernet. It brings great convenience and flexibility to engineering construction. It intergrates broadcast with intercom, making it easier to manage and use. It can be docked with VoIP and IPBX phone systems
4. Intercom function: Two-way talking can be realized by virtue of industrial intercom of the control room and on site, as well as the indoor telephone and panel of intercom for help.
● In the control room, you can call any industrial intercom on the site, as well as indoor telephones and intercom for help panels;
● Any industrial intercom, indoor telephone and intercom for help panels can call the electric cubicle;
● Interaction can be achieved among industrial intercom, indoor telephone and intercom for help panels
5. Paging Broadcast Function: Common broadcast, emergency broadcast, and music broadcast is available in any region's single point or zone of the system.
● The control room can initiate a broadcast calling or mass broadcast calling to any industrial intercom;
● The control room can broadcast recorded audio files to industrial intercom, it can also schedule broadcast, and set timed broadcast;
● Interaction can be achieved between industrial intercom, indoor telephone and intercom for help panels in one-to-one or combination manner;
6. Group paging intercom: All terminals in the system can be grouped into a separate group at any time for conference discussion and broadcast. The maximum number of members in each group is 30, and the maximum number of groups is 20.
7. Fire-fighting linkage broadcasting:
Fire and disaster prevention. In an emergency, when the system receives a trigger signal from the fire protection system, the system will play a pre-set emergency ringtone to remind people to evacuate immediately, helping to evacuate people, ensure the safety of all people, and avoid accidents.


PAGA consists of three parts:
(1) The PAGA host, including the main controller module, audio and video media module, a power amplifier module, power Model, frame and other auxiliary modules.
(2) PAGA operating station, including the main control station, remote control station.
(3) Terminal equipment, including speakers, sound and light alarm device, emergency waterproof /explosion-proof telephone and so on.
It is suitable for use in environments with special requirements such as subways, light rails, highways, ships, mines, power plants, steel companies, etc, which have special requirements for moisture, fire explosion, noise, and frost resistance.

Main Devices

DSP 93 Series IP Waterproof /Explosion proof Phone with Loudspeaker

Product Details: DSP9327 Explosion-proof Phone

● Support handset mode/hands-free mode, normal phone usage
● RJ45 interface, supporting POE3. Power supply mode: PoE or DC12V
● When the called party is ringing, the warning light will flash
● Support speed dial function, 3 groups of one-key scaling (hands-free mode supports 4 groups)
● Web page registration configuration, automatic answer, hotline number, do not disturb, etc.
● Compatible with various SIP protocol IPPBX, support alarm broadcast video trigger linkage
● Support external loudspeaker and police lights


Device Optional

Explosion proof version is available: The phone comply with the explosion proof standard.
The speaker comply with explosion-proof certification ex d IIC T6 GB

DSP9100(2U)& DSP9100(7U)
IP Audio PA & Intercom System Host

● 19" standard rack mounted
● IP based audio system, support LAN and WAN
● Paging for one zone, group or all zone
● Integrated with broadcasting, emergency alarm, remote paging, voice and video intercom, monitoring and TTS
● Windows or Linux system optional
● B/S framework, easy to login the server and control the system
● Intelligent VoIP relay server, could bridge connect with Cisco, Avaya, HUAWEI, 3CX etc.
● Support linkage with camera, realize broadcasting and monitor
● 20-hour working range, high reliability and stable
● Multiple USB and VGA interfaces, convenient for expansion.
● Built-in 17.3 inch touch screen for 7U server, display group information, zone status, program list, and timing information
● Hidden push-pull keyboard and Touch Pad for 7U

IP Network Paging Station

● Built 10.1 inch LCD touch screen
● It can control up to 200 zones, with single zone selection, multiple zone selection, and all zone selection
● Integrated with intercom, broadcast, monitor, supervision, and music playing
● It can display the following zones and groups, support up to 9 zones monitoring information
● With multi-level indication light for paging status , it can save the recording file and running log
● The microphone will turned off automatically after no signal input within the setting time
● The screen backlight illumination time and brightness are adjustable
● With user password and authority management
● Power supply POE48V

SIP Network help visual intercom terminal

● Based on IP/RTP protocol
● Incorporate functions of intercom, broadcast,
● Timing and monitoring
● Single key type: For emergency calling
● Double key type: For emergency calling and business consultation
● Built-in 2 short circuit inputs and 2 short circuit outputs,
● It can be connected to alarm lamp, door lock, network camera and other equipment
● Output interface for active speakers or voice recording
● Power supply: DC12V/1A or POE power
● Certificates: IP54, CE/FCC

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