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The Relationship Between Conference System Industry and Upstream and Downstream Industries

1. The relationship between the conference system industry and the upstream industry

There are mainly two types of upstream industries in the production of conference system products. One is the provider of production tools and equipment, which provides machines, molds, hardware tools, production lines, laboratories, design software, etc. for the production of conference system products; the second is electronic chips, electronic components and circuit boards and other electronic device suppliers, provide various raw materials for the production of conference system products.

The above two types of industries belong to the open market with perfect competition, and there are many types of products to choose from, which have strong substitutes and sufficient supply.

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The upstream industries in conference system engineering and technical services are mainly other conference system equipment manufacturers and spare parts manufacturers. When the company provides conference system engineering services to customers, it needs to design the conference venue as a whole according to the actual needs of customers, and purchase related equipment for customers during the implementation of the plan, mainly for other brands of conference equipment, sound reinforcement equipment, projectors, display equipment, camera tracking equipment, etc., the market supply of the above equipment is sufficient, and there are many brands and models to choose from.

2. The relationship between the conference system industry and downstream industries


The downstream industry of the conference system industry is the end user, mainly for government departments at all levels and other state agencies and enterprises, exhibition centers, hotels, schools, media and other enterprises and institutions.

With the general improvement of the informatization level of state organs, enterprises and institutions, and the improvement of people's acceptance of the conference system, the downstream coverage of the conference system industry will expand day by day, and the demand for conference system products and services will continue to grow.


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