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Intelligent Paperless Multimedia Conference System Solution

The boardroom is one of those places where great things happen. The paperless conference system is a paperless conference interactive system based on the Internet, modern communication technology, audio technology, video technology, software technology, and realizes the paperless conference through the electronic exchange of documents.


1. Features of a paperless conference system

File transmission is networked, file display is electronic, file editing is intelligent, and file input and output are controllable. The core functions are mainly to realize the functions of meeting check-in, file distribution, file upload, file synchronization demonstration, voting and so on. It is more popular to use the paperless meeting interaction system running on the Android system platform.

The paperless conference system of tablet computer has a wide range of application scenarios. Scenario applications are mainly high-end, investment-capable enterprises and institutions, which mainly use the conference interaction scenario applications established by mobile terminals in the local area network to realize file distribution, conference sign-in, voting, and call service functions. When the conference transmission requires confidentiality, the file needs to be encrypted and converted into a custom format for browsing to prevent file leakage. The file synchronization technology mainly relies on the touch screen trajectory tracking technology and the touch screen trajectory simulation technology to achieve the purpose of flow control.


2. Features of the paperless conference solution


1. Support the installation of common operating systems, and complete the installation of each functional module with one click.

2. Support multi-conference preset function, you can set up multiple conferences at one time, including conference participants, conference information, conference documents, etc. One-click switching to the next meeting, instant update.

3. Support image interface to correct participants and units, support batch import and conference personnel, support interface operation, support intelligent ranking function, including: people, background, LOGO, font, color, etc.

4. The paperless meeting supports remote access to control the meeting process (provide user name and password), which can be unattended.

5. Support the centralized control function in the conference, switch audio and video sources and terminal signals at will and display them on the conference terminal or on the big screen in real time, and can control the interaction of signals in a unified manner, such as the screen of terminal 1 to other display terminals, or to the large screen, Support external signals such as notebook computers, desktop computer signals to all conference terminals or to large screens.

6. Support centralized check-in, and the screen will display real-time check-in status and data on the big screen, support centralized voting, and the voting results will be projected to the big screen in real time.


7. The paperless conference supports centralized switch control of the terminal, and checks the connection status and other tests.

8. Support conference communication function, support system notification group sending, and support individual notification to single or multiple terminals.

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