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Video Conference Solution for Conference Room in Government

Video Conference Solution for Conference Room in Government

Video Conference Solution for Conference Room in Government

Solution Description

With the rapid development of the Internet, the remote video conference system has emerged; it is an audiovisual session conference service that provides two-way real-time transmission of voice and motion color pictures between multiple users located in two or more places. The large-scale remote video conference system is widely applied in military, government, business, medical and other departments. As a subsystem of the intelligent conference system, the paperless system is mobile internet-based paperless conference interaction system and a new generation of conference system running on PCs and tablets. This solution adopts a new conference mode, virtualizing each link in the traditional conference process, digitizing the main information and bearer media, incorporating multiple information technologies into each link of the conference, and running through the entire process of the conference.
All frequently held conferences are moved to the IOS and Android platforms, so that conference users can complete more tasks in less time than ever before; The conference is an important part of the daily work of the government. High conference costs are often hard to control. A few people travel at public expense on the grounds of conferences, causing great waste. The centralized conferences in the past have become increasingly unable to meet the demand. How to realize conference information exchanges and reduce conference costs to a minimum with the existing government office networks and work computers is a problem yet to be resolved by the government.
As there are lots of government training, including training for civil servant appointment and other related business, public management, public policy, public services, and administration execution in accordance with the law and so on, a training and education platform for party members is required to realize multi-party training in different places, thereby saving government training costs. Now a government agency needs to adopt a set of remote video conference and paperless system, which can realize file sharing, and sound and image transmission in remote video conference; the paperless system can support such functions as annotation and real-time sharing of files in different formats, and fast searching, as well as security protection mechanism for conference content. There are 3 government conference rooms in different places, one of which is a general conference room with an area of about 70m² and can hold meetings for 30 people at the same time, while the remaining two conference rooms are small conference rooms with an area of about 20m² and can hold meetings for 6 people at the same time .

Video Conference Solution for Conference Room in Government


Save money and time for meetings, improve the efficiency of meetings, increase the number of government participants, with rich conference reading functions for easy preparation of paperless meetings and confidential conference contents.

Connection Diagram
Remote Video Conference + Paperless Conference System Solution

Attainable Functions

1. Rich conference reading function

This solution adopted to the government conference room uses the paperless conference host to support common file formats such as DOC, PPT, XLS, PDF, JPG, MP4, etc .; supports annotation in conference materials and real-time sharing; supports bookmarks in conference materials to save reading progress and quickly locate bookmark pages. With intelligent memory of material reading progress, it can intelligently locate the last reading progress when you click the reading material again. Moreover, it can realize the file synchronization between the PC and the mobile terminal; support the display of the document directory outline for rapid positioning of the document content; quickly flip through the document with thumbnails to locate the target document; support self-set color and thickness, and eraser function to make the brush more practical.

2. Highly flexible synchronous reading

This solution adopted to the government conference room can switch the sharing screens required conveniently. All participants can initiate the “leader mode”. The screen sharing and synchronous reading are related to data transmission between terminals, but independent of the server, effectively reducing network pressure.

3. Easy preparation for paperless conferences

It can reduce the work of preparing and destroying paper materials for government conferences, and provide conference information entry and conference summary functions.

4. "Double insurance" security mechanism

When the Client is connected to the network, it will prompt that the current government conference has ended and automatically exits the current conference;

When the Client is not connected to the network, it will remind the user that the current meeting has expired based on the set end time of the government meeting and the user cannot read the meeting materials.

5. Convenient terminal control

The user terminals in government conference rooms adopt the full-view IPS LCD screen with high resolution, clear and bright display effects. The system has low power consumption design, with low heat generation and good heat dissipation. Besides, it can support power saving modes such as Standby and Sleep modes. With the ultra-quiet design, the integrated lifting device can be lifted without shaking. With the ultra-thin design, the thinnest part is less than 6 mm. And it can support centralized control in the background (On/Off, and Lift).

6. File sharing

As for government applications, there are a large number of documents and materials in government offices and conferences that need to be discussed by participants. In traditional video conference, you can use a document projector to share documents by images among participants.

7. Information storage

It is related to the capacity of interactive transmission, management and backup of the conference information in the conference system. It can complete the processing of conference files, and achieve conference playback and other functions.

8. Support check-in, voting and others

It is indispensable to cast a vote in government conferences. Such functions as check-in, voting, document projecting, synchronous screen, document annotation and others can be realized on the terminal screen.

Packing List





Remote Video Part



HD video conference 18 channels regular MCU




Remote Video Conference Software-PC




HD video conferencing terminal




HD video conference camera


Paperless Part



Video Recorder with Encode & Decode Function




Video Projecting Server




Paperless Conference System Host




Intelligent Conference Service

Receiving Terminal




Intelligent Network Extender




Conference Terminal with Lifting Monitor & Microphone


Conference Part



Intelligent Digital Conference System Controller




Desktop Chairman Speech Unit




Desktop Delegate Speech Unit




2x20W Wall Mount IP Active Speaker




8'' 150W Professional Two Way Cabinet speaker 8 Ohm




Professional Stereo Amplifier2x250W


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