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Industry Competition Landscape of Conference System

1. Major companies in the conference system industry


At present, enterprises in the conference system industry can be divided into three categories according to their main businesses: the first category is conference system product manufacturers; the second category is conference system integrators; the third category is conference system overall solution providers.

Most conference system product manufacturers rely on their own technology to develop and produce intelligent conference system equipment. Representative foreign manufacturers such as DSPPA, Bosch, Bella, DIS, etc., all have strong R&D capabilities and production capabilities, and have a high technical threshold. The manufacturer's business model is mainly to independently develop and produce conference system equipment, and sell the self-produced equipment to customers by itself or through conference system integrators and product agents.


Conference system integrators mainly rely on their own project implementation experience, provide customers with conference system design solutions and implement projects according to their needs, and generally obtain conference system integration project contracts through bidding. In the process of project implementation, the system integrator usually needs to purchase various brands of conference system equipment for customers. Therefore, the integrator is usually the product agent of one or several brands of equipment.

Since the integrators of the conference system do not develop and produce equipment, the barriers to entry are relatively low, so there are currently many market participants and the competition is fierce.

The overall solution provider of the conference system is a combination of the above two types of enterprises. On the one hand, it has a research and development team and production capacity, and has the ability to develop and produce conference system products with independent intellectual property rights, and continuously upgrade the products; on the other hand Directly facing end customers, we provide customers with comprehensive conference system solutions, including the design, implementation and maintenance of conference systems.


The competitive advantage of this type of company lies in the direct understanding of customer needs, and the ability to continuously summarize experience and customer feedback through the implementation of projects to improve the performance of its own products, making their own products more and more competitive in the market. In addition to strong R&D capabilities and production capabilities, overall solution providers also need to have project implementation capabilities and experience, and the barriers to entry are relatively high.

2. The industry competition situation of conference system


Judging from the competition situation of conference system products in China's domestic market, in the field of conference system hardware, well-known foreign companies have strong competitiveness in the domestic high-end customer market, and most Chinese domestic enterprises focus their energy on mining and satisfying the needs of middle and low-end customers.

However, this competitive situation has gradually changed in recent years. Through continuous R&D investment, some Chinese domestic enterprises have gradually established their own good market image in the development process in recent years, and their product performance and quality have gradually been recognized by foreign customers. 


In the field of conference system software, Chinese domestic enterprises have obvious advantages. Based on the rich experience accumulated in the process of serving the customers of state organs such as people's congresses at all levels, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and government departments, as well as customers of many enterprises and institutions, they have an in-depth understanding of the customer's meeting process, management system, document processing methods, and operating habits.

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