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2019 Annual Travel of DSPPA Global Center

2019 Annual Travel of DSPPA Global Center

In 2019, DSPPA Global Center came to Hunan for travel!
Last week, we made a sightseeing tour in Hunan for team building! It was wonderful!
On 10th October, after seven and half -hour journey by bus and high-speed train, we finally arrived at the first stop, the Peach Garden, in Changde, Hunan.

We, stop-and-go with laughter, stepped on the real journey.

In the evening, we watched The Peach Colony, a large-scale live-action performance, in River Theatre. There, We sat in the boat and roamed around the river, appreciating the live-action performance. That was really really amazing!

On 11th October, we set out for Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie by bus after breakfast. It was drizzling outside, a little cold and misty. 

We took the environmentally-friendly vehicles, experienced 99 bends, amid twists and turns, and then came to the hillside. What a splendid landscape!

On the hillside, we encountered with two foreign friends and invited them to join our itinerary. 

Reaching the top, we walked on the 60-meter glass skywalk and the loop encircling the vertical cliffs.

There, we were waiting for taking the cable car to overlook the panoramic landscape from the hill top. Exciting!

On 12th October, we went to Hunan Impression for shopping in the morning. Besides, we enjoyed a large number of peculiar stones in a karst cave and then embarked on a cruise on Maoyan River.

After that, we continued on our way to Ancient Phoenix Town for its romantic night scene.

On 13th October, we followed the tour guide, wandering on the road beside the river. We enjoyed the fresh morning, relaxed and pleasant, followed by return with happiness.

What a nice trip! What’s more, we know that we still have a long way to go on our life’s journey.

As part of DSPPA, we are looking forward to creating another brilliance with our concerted efforts.

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