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Advantages of Network Sound System

More Powerful Functions

The pure digital broadcasting system such as the network sound system covers all the functions of the traditional broadcasting system. It makes full use of WAN resources and can acquire audio resources from the network anytime and anywhere. Since each terminal has an independent IP address, the system can control different terminals to broadcast different programs.

Better Sound Quality

With the network transmission technology, the audio signals can be free of transmission interference and distortion. The adopted MP3 compaction algorithm occupies low network bandwidth (8k-128k) and can guarantee the fidelity of the sound quality. After testing, the 44.1KHz 16bit sampling 128kbps rate is used to compress the passband (line output) 20-16khz, and the distortion is less than 3%.

Simpler Installation

The installation is simple. As long as the workshop has the following two conditions: 1) There is an ADSL dial-up Internet; (2) There are AC 220V socket and standard Ethernet access RJ45 socket.

Scope of Application 

Because of its powerful functions, the system is widely applied in the fields like government, army, public inspection department, armed police (fire alarm), railway (subway) transportation, hydropower, oil field and mine, iron and steel metallurgy, bank securities, all kinds of enterprises, chain agencies, campus, park, street community, village, hotel, theater, stadium, and even social security and public security. Where there are networks, digital IP network broadcasting can be promoted.

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