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Analysis of Paperless Conference System

Ⅰ. Status quo of paperless conference system


The booming form of paperless conference is originally used for the conference system on personal computer and tablet computer. Now it has been expanded into the field of smartphone. By installing the client application of conference on the smartphone, conference participants can timely browse and review conference-related information before and after the conference. In addition, they can also read relevant files uploaded by other users during the conference and browse the meeting records.

Ⅱ. Design of paperless conference system

Based on the analysis of this need, visual modeling can be realized by using UML at the stage of system analysis and design.


Ⅲ. Realization of paperless conference system


To begin with, design user’s UI before developing system. Sketch out every UI and design the login interface, the function interface for conference participants and hosts and the conference list interface.

Since smartphones have no direct access to data stored on the server, the HTTP-based request-response mode is used to achieve data interaction. There are four processes involved in HTTP-based clients' accessing in the server: establishing TCP socket connection, sending HTTP requests, receiving HTTP response, and close TCP socket connection.


An analysis of the status quo and function of paperless conference has concluded that it’s a defining trend to expand paperless conference system into smartphone in the future.


Based on the research in this article, this paperless conference system can be further expanded. On one hand, more functions such as video chat, voice chat and conference reminding can be added to the mobile phone. Besides, some personalized functions such as skin changing can also be added. On the other hand, the conference system can be further developed by Web technology. By doing so, functions like conference folder and chatroom that can run on the browser can also be made.

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