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Problems Existing in the Implementation and Quality Control of Large-scale Conference System Engineering

Intelligent buildings are the development trend of future buildings, and the investment in conference systems is increasing. One of the important conditions for the successful construction of conference systems, especially large conference systems, is construction organization and on-site implementation. In specific practice, the construction organization of large conference system has its characteristics different from that of small and medium-sized projects. It is necessary to conduct in-depth exploration on the construction and organization methods of large-scale conference systems, summarize the problems encountered, combine the engineering implementation experience of other types of large-scale systems, and the design principles and rules of the construction organization method for large-scale conference systems are summarized to guide the engineering implementation of this type of system.

The following problems exist in the implementation of the conference system project, and how to implement the quality control of the project to ensure the normal operation of the conference system.


1. The conference system has a large number of equipment, many interconnections, and complex integration requirements. Due to the large size of the system, the understanding of all parties has gradually deepened, and the deep demand has changed a lot, which makes the construction organization and implementation of the large conference system face different on-site problems from other small and medium-sized systems. At this time, it is very important for all parties to cooperate or integrate on the basis of clear common goals.


2. Because the conference system has a large investment and a great impact, the user demand is too high. Because the needs of the conference system are multi-faceted and multi-level, the blind construction of the electronic conference system will waste resources, reduce the utilization rate of equipment and increase the cost of operation and maintenance.

3. Changes in the design of the conference system. During the implementation process, the owner will put forward higher requirements. According to experience, this kind of change cannot be made arbitrarily. In the process of formulating the bidding document, some technical indicators are too targeted, which will not be conducive to the normal development of the bidding work. When integrators provide technical parameters at the request of users, they must comply with the requirements of national standards and the needs of the system, retain sufficient flexibility on the premise of meeting user needs, reserve a certain space for users to choose, and ensure the best interests of users.


4. The acceptance of the conference system, the large electronic conference system usually involves many aspects, how to accept it after completion, when to accept it, and what kind of acceptance to be considered qualified, all should be considered comprehensively on the basis of contracts and bidding documents, change documents and reference to user opinions, to balance and ensure the interests of all parties involved, especially the issues that must be carefully paid attention to and considered under the premise of user interests.

Therefore, in the process of project design, construction and acceptance, corresponding measures should be taken to ensure the quality of the project. First of all, it is necessary to review the bidding documents and contract drafts, and control the whole process from the beginning of design planning to design confirmation, so that the design work can be carried out in a planned and procedural manner, so as to ensure that the project quality meets the requirements of the owner and the requirements of national regulations.In the procurement process of equipment and machinery, complete planning contracts and corresponding specifications, standards shall be ensured when purchasing products, and strict verification shall be carried out, and pre-job training, special key operation training or technical management personnel training shall be provided to employees to make its quality meet the construction requirements.


When formulating the construction process, control all links of the process. During the installation process, strictly control the installation standards and specifications, the purchase, management, use, maintenance, regular verification and calibration of inspection, measurement and test equipment, so as to keep it in good condition and its accuracy can meet the use requirements. Strictly manage the warranty and return visit of delivered projects to ensure the quality of after-sales service.

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