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Attention Should Be Paid to the Design of Multimedia Conference System

In the process of designing the multimedia conference system, we have undergone rigorous screening for the conception of the scheme, the design of the system, and the selection of equipment, and have done a lot of market research and demonstration. Combined with the deficiencies in the application of most similar projects at present, we also propose solutions and use them in this system to ensure that the system can achieve the following advantages:

1. The conference system ensures that the audience has high speech intelligibility and can provide sufficient sound pressure for a long time. When the sound reinforcement system is in normal operation, all indicators can reach the first-level indicators of both language and music in the national industry standard.

2. The sound of the speaker of the conference system covers the service area, and the sound and frequency response are evenly covered; The shape and installation position of the speakers do not affect the overall style of the venue.

3. There are no obvious sound quality defects such as echo, flutter echo and sound focusing in all positions of the conference system. (But considering that the venue may not have the necessary sound absorption treatment during the decoration, in this case, it is necessary to require necessary manual intervention during the meeting to make up for it, such as pulling up the curtains as much as possible during the meeting, the thickness of the fabric used for the curtains and so on.)

4. The conference system has a variety of system protection measures to ensure that the audio system is in a stable and reliable working state for a long time and effectively and quickly protect the speakers and audio system equipment from damage in unexpected situations.

5. The speaker of the conference system adopts a pair of certain resistance transmission mode, the impedance of the speaker and the power amplifier is matched, and the full-band broadband speaker is used to restore the best sound quality effect, ensuring that the audio amplification system is easy to operate, flexible in function, and meet the different functional requirements of the conference.

6. The digital conference system adopts hand-in-hand connection, and the speaking unit adopts portable hand-in-hand installation, which is beautiful in appearance, flexible in installation, very convenient in use, and has a very small amount of wiring, which does not affect the overall decoration layout. The sound quality is first-class, and the pickup distance can reach 50-80CM.

7. The host of the conference discussion system can set working modes such as "first-in first-out mode", "normal mode", "restricted mode", "free mode" and "application mode", which is more convenient to use.

8. The conference system can be programmed by the central control host to control the rotation of the head of the remote surveillance camera, zoom and focus of the lens, and link with the conference host to realize camera tracking and close-up of the speaker's screen.

9. The audio and video input signals of the conference room of the conference system include camera video signals, DVD audio and video signals, notebook/computer audio and video signals and so on. The output signals include projector signals and TV signals. All audio and video signals are switched and scheduled through the video matrix.

10. The conference room matrix of the conference system needs to use a high-definition hybrid matrix. The matrix signal types include VIDE0, S-Video, VGA, YPbPr, DVI, HDMI, SDI, optical fiber, twisted pair and so on.

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