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The Composition Requirements and Principles of the Conference System

1. Advanced principles of conference system


Using the most advanced and open architecture, the entire audio conference system can reflect the development level of today's conference technology.

It has advanced features such as security, confidentiality, anti-interference, stability, simplicity and so on. For any meeting, ensuring the smooth progress of each meeting is the primary condition; many meetings involve major decisions of enterprises or localities, and the requirements for confidentiality and anti-interference are also very high; for each meeting, the stability and maturity of the control system are the basic conditions for the smooth progress of the meeting; During the conference, it is a necessary condition that the voice transmission of the representative's speech, the access and switching of other audio and video sources can be played completely and quickly.

2. Practical principles of the conference system

It can meet the requirements of practical work to the greatest extent, and consider the business management that meets the user as the first element. It adopts the mode of centralized management and control, and on the basis of meeting the functional requirements, it is easy to operate, maintain and manage.

3. Principles of scalability and maintainability of the conference system

Because of the need to reserve space for future upgrades of the conference system, the maintenance of the conference system occupies the largest proportion in the entire system life cycle. Therefore, it is necessary to fully consider the rationality of the structural design and standardize the maintenance of the system so that it can be completed in a very short time.

If the reasonable structure and strong scalability of the conference system are carefully considered in the actual process, then the configuration and connection of other devices can meet the increase of functions. For example, by adding a voting system, a voting meeting can be held at the same time; adding a projection display system, connecting other mobile devices, and so on. As long as the central control expansion host is added, the conference system can be expanded.


4. The economic principle of conference system

Under the premise of ensuring the advanced, reliable and high performance of the conference system, the most economical goal is achieved through the optimal design, and the conference system is constructed with a high performance-price ratio, so that the capital output and input ratio can reach the maximum value. Maintain the system operation with lower cost and less personnel input, provide high efficiency and high benefit, and comprehensively realize the best method of optimal configuration.


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