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Characteristics and subsystem analysis of modern conference system

The modern conference system is the intelligent multimedia central control conference system. A few microphones and two speakers can hold a conference. This is the conference mode that has been used for decades. In the process of human communication, 55%-60% of effective information depends on visual effects, 33%-38% on sound, and only 7% on content. Therefore, the performance of a single voice is far from meeting the requirements of modern meetings.

What modern conferences want is to express their meaning concisely and clearly, to display their products vividly and clearly, and to be easy to control the changeable on-site environment. In other words, we need high-quality audio signals, high-definition video dynamic pictures and images, physical data, accurate data expression and a set of practical and efficient control systems to facilitate all operations.


At this time, the digital conference system not only entered an orderly organization state, but also ensured the efficient conduct of the conference. Such a conference solution is undoubtedly the most realistic conference organization tool in the world at present, and we named it the first Three-generation conference system, also known as intelligent conference system.

I. Features of modern conference system


1. The integrated design makes all the equipment in the meeting room organically unified, thereby increasing the moderator's control over the entire meeting and significantly improving efficiency;

2. The professional digital conference system can ensure the harmonious and orderly progress of the conference;

3. The intuitive and visualized operation interface of the touch screen makes the operation of many devices simple and fast;

4. The integration of technology and intelligence fully reflects the high quality of modern conferences;

5. Standardized and systematic meeting configuration can help improve the corporate image;

6. The digital conference network and simultaneous interpretation system transmit stable and pure conference audio signals to all participants;

7. Simultaneous interpretation function including meeting collective voting and real-time multilingual translation;

8. Projection display and sound system: the main realization equipment of on-site video and audio;

9. Multimedia peripheral equipment: input and output equipment of various video and audio signals, multimedia audio-visual equipment and the final implementation equipment of the scene environment.

II. The conference system mainly includes the following subsystems:


1. Display system (including DLP rear projection splicing, rear projection, front projection, desktop LCD display, LCD TV);

2. Digital conference speech system (camera tracking, voting system);

3. Conference audio and sound reinforcement system;

4. Centralized control system;

5. Electronic fluorescent seats;

6. Conference record system;

7. Remote video conference system.

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