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Control Equipment Technology of Intelligent Conference System

Ⅰ. The concept of intelligent conference sysem

Intelligent conference system is a comprehensive application of multimedia technology, control technology, communication technology, computer technology, acoustic sound technology, etc. to the conference hall or conference room to realize the intelligent, digital, networked, modular and multifunctional professional of the conference type integrated conference system.

Ⅱ. The structure and function of the conference system


According to the different functions, it can be divided into the following 8 subsystems:

1. Digital conference subsystem: transmit stable and clear conference audio signals to all participants, and can easily expand functions such as voting and simultaneous interpretation.

2. Camera subsystem: It can send the video signal of the field to the projection display or send the signal to other conference venues through the video conference system.

3. Projection display subsystem: Project the video signal to show good visual effects.

4. Amplification subsystem: Process and amplify the audio signal on site, and send it to the speakers to ensure the auditory effect of the venue.

5. Signal processing subsystem: various video, audio, and network signals are converted, enhanced, switched, and distributed.

6. Video conferencing subsystem: conduct remote meetings with other venues, which can realize various forms of communication such as images, sounds, and documents.

7. Centralized control subsystem: through wired and wireless color touch screens, to centrally control all equipment in the meeting place, including system power switch, on-site lighting control, curtain lifting, operation of various multimedia equipment and so on.

8. Peripheral equipment: lighting system, dimming glass, electric curtains, etc., to provide a good environment for the venue.

Ⅲ. Research on the key technology of intelligent conference system

The traditional concept of the conference system only transmits the speaker's voice to the receiver through the sound reinforcement system. The function of the conference system is only to amplify the volume. Compared with the traditional conference system, the intelligent conference system realizes its "intelligence" key technologies mainly in the following three aspects:

1. The digital processing technology of the speech discussion system


It adopts the digital conference system (DCN), which has the characteristics of multi-function, high sound quality, and confidential and reliable digital transmission. It can realize conference discussion and speech, conference collective voting, conference real-time multilingual translation (up to 14 languages), full recording, access to various audio signals, etc.

2. Camera linkage technology


Use indoor high-definition video conference cameras, video matrix and operating keyboard. The system is used in conjunction with DCN and forms a camera linkage system with the automatic camera control software.

The system has an automatic tracking camera function, that is, after any speaker turns on the representative machine, the camera will automatically shoot the speaker's image according to the preset position, and the shooting angle and range can also be set in advance.

Install two hemispherical-integrated cameras with high-speed pan and zoom lens in the conference room to ensure that the podium and auditorium can be captured by the cameras.

3. Centralized control technology


The centralized control subsystem is the core of the entire intelligent conference system. It is a software system based on a set of specific hardware, which integrates other subsystems and devices into the touch screen terminal for centralized control, and realizes the coordination and linkage control between them. It manages and controls all devices on a unified platform, which is truly realize modernization and intelligence of the conference system. The functions realized by the centralized control system actually reflect the main functions of the entire conference system.

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