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What Are the Functions of the Digital Conference System?

The digital conference system is a conference automation management system integrating computer, communication, automatic control, multimedia, image, sound and other technologies. All digital signals are transmitted on the line, which not only greatly improves the sound quality and system reliability, but also fundamentally eliminates the defects of interference, distortion, crosstalk, and system instability that exist in general conference systems.

So that every participant can hear a stable and pure sound. The operation of the system and the meeting process are fully controlled, and the system operation and installation are also very simple. So, what are the functions of the digital conference system?


1. Digital management of digital conference system

Standard TCP/IP communication protocol and R/45 interface, the computer and the host are perfectly combined for management; with line detection function, which can detect the connection status of the conference unit; audio fidelity technology, the sound effect is more clear and true.

2. Fully digital transmission of digital conference system


The conference host and the conference unit are connected through a network cable and a switch, and the control signal and audio signal are digitally transmitted through 100M/1000M to ensure the confidentiality of the high-fidelity audio signal and conference information.

3. Diverse discussion modes in the digital conference system

FIFO (first in first out mode)/NORMA (standard mode)/NOIC (voice control mode, automatically turn on the microphone when the sound is greater than 55DB)/APPLY (application speech mode, which can be controlled by the unit, central control system, and PC software).

The number of speakers limit function, 1/2/4/8 optional; the speech time limit function, you can set any speech time.

4. Intelligent sign-in mode of digital conference system


Initiated by PC control software or WeChat official account, after entering the sign-in mode, touch the corresponding button according to the prompt on the unit to complete the sign-in and the sign-in status can be viewed.

5. Multiple voting methods of digital conference system

Various voting schemes can be edited and customized, including multiple modes such as choosing one from three, one from five, agreeing, opposing, and abstaining; real-time query of voting results, support for columnar display, text display, etc.

6. The digital conference system has strong scalability


The matching microphones of the conference system are connected by a network, and the capacity is up to 4096, which can be used directly when connected to the switch. The failure of any microphone unit will not affect the overall system work.

7. The confidentiality of the digital conference system is strong

The digital conference system adopts information isolation and information encryption technology, except for the system administrator and participants, it is impossible to obtain the content of the meeting, and the confidentiality of the meeting is guaranteed.

8. Camera linkage function of digital conference system


Built-in video tracking function, 4 high-speed pan/tilt cameras can be configured. After preset, the speaking unit can be video tracked; the connection between the system host and the camera can choose RS485 connection or RS232 connection according to the signal distance transmission.

It has serial port control, supports VISCA/PELCOD, P/YAAN and other control protocols, and can expand the camera to automatically track the host to achieve more camera tracking functions.

9. Simultaneous interpretation function of digital conference system

It can be connected to an infrared simultaneous interpretation system for simultaneous translation, digital audio transmission technology, voice separation technology; it can output 22 channels of analog audio signals for infrared simultaneous interpretation system or recording.

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