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Characteristics of PA Amplifier

1. Broadcast power amplifiers usually output with single sound channels, and ordinary power amplifiers output with dual sound channels (or multi-sound channels), which is mainly determined by the place of application and environment. 

2. Due to the differences in use and place of application, the requirements of broadcast power amplifiers and professional power amplifiers for some performance indicators (such as frequency response and distortion) are totally different, and the requirements of broadcast power amplifiers are lower. 

3. A conventional broadcast power amplifier (merge type) has the function of signal priority order, and the emergency microphone is of the first priority. 

4. Some broadcast power amplifier itself has the function of subarea output, bell output or alarm signal output, and some broadcast amplifiers are integrated with the functions such as sound sources (CD, cassette, voice, and MP3), timing, subarea, etc., it is just like a small broadcasting system, also called "all in one" broadcast power amplifier. A lot of people think that the larger the power of the power amplifier, the more powerful it is, the easier it is to drive the loudspeaker, and the easier it is to get qualified sound from the speaker (sound box). This view is true. As the efficiency of the power amplifier is low, and to make the weak signals of the music get out of the loudspeaker without losses, the power amplifier must have enough reserved power. If you have any further question about how to choose the best pa amplifier, please contact us immediately.

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