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Tips for Selecting Best PA Amplifier

The power amplifier with high power undoubtedly has its own advantages, but it doesn’t mean that the power higher, the better. All aspects of the factors should be taken into account. In terms of power, the relationship between the power amplifier and the loudspeaker is like the generator and the power load. When the load is very small, you need to use a super generator. However, the result is that it not only increases the cost but also causes waste, it will not bring any benefits. Besides, as the sound pressure that the human ear can bear is limited, and the space of the common family for listening is also limited when selecting power amplifiers, seeking for only high power seems to be somewhat partial. As for common families, a well-designed amplifier with 50W output power and a pair of loudspeakers with the efficiency of more than 86dB can have an ideal effect.

There are differences in the timbres of the power amplifiers produced in different regions, and people like different kinds of timbres. Supposing that the prices of the power amplifiers are basically the same, let you make a choice in a high power amplifier with an output power of 100W and a high output power of only 50W but the quality of the sound is in line with your appreciation requirements. Then it is suggested that you choose the one with a smaller power.

In addition, when choosing power amplifiers, there is another important index, which is signal to noise ratio. Signal to noise ratio (SNR) is the ratio of signal amplitude to noise amplitude. Because this index is inversely proportional to the output noise of the power amplifier. Therefore, the larger the signal to noise ratio, the smaller the output noise of the power amplifier, and the higher the quality. Therefore, when choosing the power amplifier, of course, the greater the signal-to-noise ratio, the better. However, after understanding the technical index, SNR, we must pay attention to the marked figures to see whether or not there are additional conditions. If there is, we must understand clearly that under what circumstances can we achieve this index, otherwise, it is easy to be deceived by some false images. If you have any further question about how to choose the best pa amplifier, please contact us immediately.

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