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Construction of Smart Home Sound System

1. Multichannel 

The most commonly used sound channels are 5.1 and 7.1 channels.  5.1.2 and 7.1.4 are three-dimensional immersion sound configurations, that is, the original 5.1 or 7.1 sound channels added with 2 or 4 sky sound channel speakers. The added speakers is used to improve the sound pitch and achieve three dimensional sound effects. 

2.The number of sound boxes 

There is no fixed answer. It depends on personal needs. For example, the 5.1 sound channel needs 6 sound boxes, which is the most basic surround sound configuration. And the 7.1 sound channel needs 8 sound boxes, which is the most flexible configuration with the lowest cost. 

3. Wiring 

If you feel annoyed with the complex wiring, you can choose the wireless smart home sound system, it has the amplifier and surrounds sound processing sound box with itself. Besides, the connection between the host and the soundbox is the wireless transmission, so it will be more flexible and more casual. 

4. Sound system installation 

When installing the sound system, many people will install it on the ceiling, but there are some hidden dangers. Therefore, you can install the sound system directly on the ground, which can radiate the sound to the ceiling by the principle of sound, and create a virtual "sky sound" through the reflex sound of smallpox.

5. Power amplifier 

When choosing the power amplifier, it is best to choose one of the Japanese brands, because the Japanese amplifier has the HDMI2.0 interface, it can support Dolby Atmos and UHD 4K video, and can satisfy some users' pursuit of panoramic sound and super HD. Besides, Japanese amplifiers also have the mainstream media music play, Apple Airplay, multizone play, cartridge amplifier, perfect APP control and so on.

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