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Classification of PA System School

PA system schoolis a kind of low-power FM broadcasting. Many colleges and universities, middle schools and even primary schools have adopted campus FM broadcasting to broadcast English programs or other programs. The frequency range is usually between 76-87 Mhz, that is to say, it can be received by ordinary TV backup radio. Nowadays, some FM radios directly extend the frequency to 76-108 Mhz, which can meet the needs of listening to campus radio.

1. Maintain order

The system has the basic functions of the traditional fixed pressure campus broadcast, such as: getting up, performing exercises, attending class, finishing class, turning off the lights and so on, all of which can be set up according to the needs of the regular automatic ringing of the bell to maintain the teaching and living order of teachers and students.

Automatic campus broadcast settings

2. Background music

In spare time, such as after class and on Saturday and Sunday, it can play news broadcast, song blessing, light music and pop songs as required, which can effectively relieve the living, teaching and learning pressure of teachers and students, and create an active and dynamic campus space.

3. Multiplex broadcasting

Since the 88-108mhz frequency band resources in the coaxial cable are reserved for FM broadcasting, a single cable can be used to transmit up to dozens of broadcast programs, so as to meet the needs of campus broadcasting for independent broadcast programs in the grade.

4. Addressing

The pa system for schools has the function of addressing broadcast and can control the receiving state of each classroom and campus receiving terminal (FM speaker/FM receiver) automatically or manually by software. The receiving terminal can also be randomly arranged into groups and played automatically or manually through software control. (Click here for information about classroom audio systemwireless pa system for schools)

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