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Conference System Mode in Mobile Internet Era

A meeting is a necessary communication activity for people's work and life. It is an organized, led and purposeful discussion activity. It is carried out at a limited time or place and according to certain procedures. The use of the conference system is an indispensable technical means in the process of modern conferences. With the continuous development and progress of modern technology and computer technology, the technical means used by the conference system are also constantly changing. The development status is based on the development in the era of mobile Internet.


Mobile Internet mainly uses mobile terminals, such as smart phones, tablets and other smart devices as carriers, and integrates with the Internet with the help of mobile communication networks. With the popularization of smartphones and tablet computers, the mobile Internet has penetrated into everyone's life by virtue of its advantages, changing people's way of life and habits.

Ⅰ. Advantages of mobile devices for conference systems

1. High performance


After years of development, the performance of mobile terminals has been greatly improved, such as personal mobile phones, tablet computers and other devices, whose performance has been continuously optimized to meet most of the needs of people in daily life. The development of the Internet has injected enormous energy.

2. Easy to carry

The main feature of mobile devices is their small size. Even tablet computers are much smaller than ordinary PCs, which is convenient for people to carry. No matter where you are, at home, on the road, in parks, or in shopping malls, you can carry and use mobile devices for office and consumption, entertainment, you can quickly grasp information, communicate at any time, clothing, food, housing, transportation, and play can be done with a mobile phone.

3. Safe and certifiable

Mobile communication devices require users to purchase a SIM card to make calls and surf the Internet. With the continuous improvement of national and government agencies' requirements for network identity security, the SIM card used by each mobile device requires an ID card for registration and authentication, that is, the real-name system, so as to ensure the validity of user authentication. At the same time, combined with the technical means of communication operators and equipment manufacturers, the data security and privacy security on mobile smart devices are ensured by means of device locking and information retrieval.

4. Rich application

Although the mobile device is small and the screen performance is not as good as that of the PC, the functions integrated on the mobile terminal are more than that of the general PC. The GPS positioning module enables the smart terminal to have positioning and navigation functions: the front and rear cameras meet the daily selfie and high-definition camera functions, and the integration of voice input, handwriting input, touch screen, gyroscope and other modules makes the mobile phone rich and colorful, so it's small-size but multi-function.

Ⅱ. Paperless conference system

1 (1).jpg

Combined with the multimedia interactive management system, with the help of the convenient and rich features of mobile devices and the high speed of the mobile Internet, a new type of conference system mode, that is, a paperless conference system, is formed.


With a mobile tablet in hand, high-fidelity audio and high-definition video can be delivered to each participant, and the microphone of the mobile tablet can be used to speak and vote directly. At the same time, it realizes the functions of viewing and managing meeting materials, document editing, schedule display, meeting records, taking pictures, and desktop sharing, which reduces the printing of paper materials and is greener and more environmentally friendly.

With the continuous optimization of the performance of personal mobile phone equipment and the arrival of the 5G era, at the same time, with the help of the widely used high-speed network, the functional applications of the paperless conference system are transplanted to personal mobile phones, which can meet the needs of some meetings without specific locations. Using the form of interconnection to organize participants together to make the meeting more convenient and fast will be the next direction of the paperless conference system.

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