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The Main Functions of the Video Conferencing System

The video conference system allows multiple conference rooms to hold meetings at the same time, and each conference room can support up to thousands of people to interact at the same time: provide video interactive discussion, dual-stream technology, shared desktop, file transfer electronic whiteboard (can be marked and modified at any time), support remote control, and easily realize remote collaborative office.

Function introduction of video conference system:


1. Conference call of video conference system: video conference terminal, conference control, call, split screen function, multiple code conversion functions.

2. Video call of the video conference system: You can directly invite to participate in the conference online, and you can receive the video image of the user with the consent of the other party.


3. Electronic whiteboard of video conferencing system: Allow multiple people to perform graphic and text operations on the electronic whiteboard, exchange information at the same time, carry out project collaboration, teaching and presentation, and simultaneously view the same whiteboard page and the web page opened by whiteboard authority control.

4. Text messages of the video conference system: All participants can use the public platform for effective text exchange and communication, providing one-to-one private chat space, and one-to-many broadcast transmission.

5. Sending files from the video conference system: Participants can transfer files to a conference member during a conference.

6. Conference management of video conference system: venue management, setting host and conference process management, etc.


7. Data query of video conference system: Provide query methods by time, camera point, event, alarm, etc., to facilitate the calling and playback of various required data.

8. Remote control of video conference system: effective remote control operation, fault diagnosis and software upgrade, remote training and other functions.


9. Conference recording of the video conference system: fully save the conference video, audio, shared data, text information, conference personnel list, conference process, etc. It is also possible to record and save the video and audio of each venue separately in the form of file materials at the same time. It can be played locally or on-demand online for post-meeting query, study and data preservation.

10. PTZ control of the video conference system: It can remotely control the PTZ of the sub-venue to adjust the azimuth rotation and focal length of the camera.

11. Automatic rotation of the video conference system: Set the number and cycle of the rotation of the branch venues.

12. Voice incentive of video conference system: The video screen of the participant who is speaking can be automatically jumped to the big screen.

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