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Phased Array Speakers Take You into a New Broadcasting World

1. What are phased array speakers?

Generally speaking, the sound production of loudspeakers is based on the vibration of the cone driven by the force of the voice coil in the magnetic field. Their performance is improved by the characteristics of voice coil, cone, magnetic steel and other materials. But it is difficult to control the radiation angle and frequency response of this kind of loudspeakers.

Phased array speakers are usually composed of multiple loudspeakers in the form of linear array. Based on the traditional technology and DSP (digital signal processing) technology, an applicable algorithm is developed to adjust the phase and radiation angle of each frequency band of all the loudspeakers in the array, so as to meet the needs of some stadiums and gymnasiums, and improve the language clarity by using direct sound.

Phased array speakers can get the data by analyzing the architectural acoustics conditions of different halls and optimizing the electroacoustic system with special software. Through the DSP circuit of the loudspeakers, the frequency response, radiation angle, radiation characteristics and even the phase of each unit can be adjusted and set, which can greatly improve the sound-reproduction properties of the loudspeakers and improve the sound quality of the hall to the most extent.

2. The applications of phased array speakers

Phased array speakers are mainly suitable for those places with large space, poor architectural acoustics conditions, long reverberation time and turbid sound that can not be improved by sound-building tools, such as stations, high-speed railway stations, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, etc. Due to their large space, advanced architectural design and lagging audio design, the sound reinforcement effect of these halls is not ideal, especially the low definition of language. After using phased array speakers, the acoustical qualities can be improved obviously without changing the decoration, which saves time and money. Therefore, phased array speakers have practical and promotional value.


This kind of phased array speakers which is jointly developed by Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou University can effectively inhibit the sound diffusion to useless areas (such as the energy consumption of the top sound reinforcement system). Therefore, it can reduce the investment in the architectural acoustics decoration and acoustic system of the venue, and achieve the goal of duel energy saving.

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