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Design Specification for Conference System

In the current market, the conference system does need a special engineering construction guidance document, which is beneficial to Party A, product manufacturers and system integrators, so some specifications are needed to determine the composition of the system.

Ⅰ. Be aware of the differences between the design of the conference system and other majors

During the preliminary design and construction drawing design of the electronic conference system, Party A could not put forward any specific requirements for the project.

First, they don't know much about the products they use. Second, they don't know their needs very well. The conference system is a relatively independent part of the whole weak current system. According to the technical measures, the requirements for the design depth are only limited to the system composition. Therefore, there will be no more and more detailed design of the conference system in the preliminary design.


The design documents should mainly reflect the following aspects: the first is the size of the conference room, the specific location and area; the second is the routing and laying method of the embedded pipeline; the third is the electricity load, power supply method and grade requirements; the forth is the power supply and lightning protection grounding of outdoor large screen systems.

It is confirmed in the design stage. As for the selection of conference system products, the performance indicators of the system, and the layout of the venue, these should be done by the personnel of professional companies. The conference system includes display, audio and video, sound reinforcement, information, network, and management. Due to the different main lines of design, a more detailed plan needs to be made in the early stage of the formulation of the bid, especially in the field of audio and video. This aspect must be completed by the integrated commercial and professional companies, it should be a systematic overall design, not messy.

Ⅱ. The problem of the bidding document of the conference system

The bidding document is very important. The bidding document involves the scale of the project, the investment amount of the project and the selection of products. In the bidding process, there are two problems that are the most difficult to solve: one is the product index, that is to say, so many systems have so many parameters, but the source of these parameters is mainly enterprise products or one standard.

Because there is no standard, the indicators in the tender we see are more targeted, because it is basically based on the data provided by a certain brand product or an integrator as the basis for the tender, which can not really reflect the principle of fairness and justice, it is definitely not conducive to the bidding work, and it is also unfair to some enterprises. Therefore, with standards, indicators should be formulated in accordance with standards, not based on products.

The current technical parameters actually have two aspects: one is the product standard and the other is the engineering standard. We should emphasize system standards rather than single product standards. So we think the indicators reflected in future tenders should refer to national standards.

Ⅲ. Problems in conference system products

Now everyone generally recommends 3-5 optional brand products in the bidding document. On the one hand, it is reasonable, which is conducive to the selection of products and the implementation of projects. It is difficult to evaluate if all the products are brought in. In order to maintain fairness and select products with good cost performance, only before the bidding document is formulated, it will be screened through research and assessment.

Ⅳ. In-depth design of the conference system after winning the bid


The content of the scheme proposed in the tender document and the project implementation scheme are different because they are in different periods. The in-depth design should focus more on installation, construction, commissioning, and acceptance, and optimize the original scheme, rather than re-proposing the scheme. Unless in the bidding process, Party A makes major changes on the original basis.

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We believe that the in-depth design should be more integrated with the decoration design, because the bidding documents for the conference and the bidding documents for the decoration are often carried out simultaneously, so if we do not communicate with the company that makes the conference system, there will be many legacy problems in the future.

Ⅴ. Problems existing in conference system engineering


The needs of the conference system are multi-faceted and multi-level. Some are for speaking, some are for both speaking and performance, and there are various types such as teaching and showing movies. The blind construction of the conference system will waste resources, reduce the utilization rate of equipment and increase the cost of operation and maintenance.

The second is the change of the design, whether it is during the bidding period or the detailed design, there may be changes. During the implementation process, the owner will put forward higher requirements, such changes cannot be arbitrary, and the changes should take into account all aspects of the project according to the actual situation of the project. Integrators and designers should build reasonably.

In the bidding process, the determined value of the indicators is too targeted, which is not conducive to the normal development of the bidding work, which is often related to the manufacturer. Of course, there are objective reasons for this. The conference system must be equipped in accordance with the requirements of national standards, so that the operability is relatively strong. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize the coordination of engineering, because it involves a large number of aspects, complete technologies, and many products, and the coordination of conference system engineering construction is very important.

How to accept the conference system after it is completed, whether it is visual inspection or inspection, when and what kind of acceptance is qualified are all issues that should be paid attention to and considered.

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