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Design Scheme of Video Conference System in Conference Room

The conference room is positioned as a large-scale and important conference function venue with many functions, such as large-scale conference, report meeting and large-scale training function.

In the design, the advanced and reliable conference functions are fully considered, including professional conference language amplification, multi-image display system, intelligent control system, digital conference system, conference recording lighting system and so on.

Conference room speaker system
It focuses on the clarity and intelligibility of conference sound reinforcement. It has a clear level of voice and a very high degree of restoring.

Its voice is natural and realistic, without any artificial tendency, and has strong adaptability.

The combination of the system is mainly reliable and practical, so as to make the circuit simple and easy to maintain.

The matching of power amplifiers takes enough margin into account to make the system dynamic enough and ensure the reliable and stable operation of the system.
The speaker is small in shape and beautiful in appearance, which is easy to match with the decoration pattern.

Display system

Installation of two 120-inch electric curtains in the conference room for main image display
Configuration of 2 5200 projectors
Configuration of 4 60-inch LCD TV sets
Display computer multimedia information;
Display all kinds of video information such as DVD and remote video.
Multi-input interface switching function.

Digital conference system

Five sets of conference discussion modules are allocated to meet the needs of the participants from the rostrum.
Configuration of lecture stand with two sets of conference discussion units

Intelligent control system

Simple operation, humanization and intellectualization;
The system has high reliability.
It can control projector, switch on/off, input switching and other functions.
It can control the screen and realize the function of rising, stopping and falling of the screen.
The curtain can be controlled to realize the function of rising, stopping and falling of the curtain.
It can control DVD to play, stop, pause and other functions.
It can control cable TV to play, stop, pause and other functions.
It can control the volume and adjust the volume.
It provides dimming control of incandescent lamp and functions of preset scene and call scene.
The wireless color touch controller controls the operation.
It can realize the high automation combined intelligent control, reduce the operation complexity of operators, and realize the "one key in place" control mode.
It can reflect the excellent functions of various equipment as much as possible, so that all equipment can work in the best state and play the most effective role of the equipment.

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