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DSPPA Conference Audio System

Conference audio system refers to a group of people, through transmission lines and multimedia equipment, voice information will be transmitted to each other, to achieve real-time and interactive communication, in order to achieve the purpose of the meeting system equipment.

Compared with the traditional conference audio system, there is a hand-in-hand conference system, which uses the way of serial connection between the head and the tail of the microphone, that is, after the first microphone is connected to the conference host, a wire is drawn from the first microphone and connected to the second microphone. Then a line is drawn from the second microphone and connected to the third microphone, which is connected in series with dozens of microphones, hence the name hand in hand conference system. All microphones are powered by phantom power supply. Traditional conference audio system consists of conference host, chairman unit, representative unit, conference camera and audio system. However, with the development of image processing technology, matrix switcher, large screen processor and conference center control system gradually join the traditional hand-in-hand conference system, which constitutes a completely new hand-in-hand conference system. The goal of the construction of conference audio system of DSPPA is to meet the requirements of relevant functions. The construction will strictly comply with the relevant standards of the state and industry.

It abides by the overall construction goal of "domestic leading and international advanced", and ensures that the system construction abides by the principles of advanced, high reliability, high security, practicability, sustainable development, easy management and maintenance, openness and comfort.

The conference audio system solution of DSPPA works for you in a way that promotes clear and open communication and ensures the realization of both sides' expectations.

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