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Analysis of the Composition and Advantages of the Intelligent Conference System

The traditional intelligent conference system includes audio conference system, intelligent centralized control system, matrix switching system, AV peripherals, audio system and peripherals, AV engineering supporting products and other systems. Moreover, these functional systems are composed of multiple subsystems.

1. The composition of the intelligent conference system

(1) Intelligent centralized control system

It includes integrated central control system, suitable for large conference rooms; modular central control system, suitable for small and medium meeting rooms; cabinet central control system, suitable for round table conference rooms; desktop hidden central control system, suitable for round table meeting room with multiple signal sources.

(2) Audio conference system

It includes the discussion conference system, which is composed of hand-in-hand speaking sequences and control terminals. The voting conference system is composed of conference voting systems and speaking terminals; the digital simultaneous interpretation conference system is composed of simultaneous interpretation systems and digital control terminals.

(3) Matrix switching system

It includes AV matrix, VGA matrix, RGB matrix, HDMI matrix, high-definition DVI matrix and network transmission equipment, signal interface and signal conversion equipment. The matrix of various signals is suitable for conference systems with different interfaces, and can basically cover all common interfaces.

(4) AV peripherals

It includes programmable power controller, programmable dimmer, programmable volume controller, programmable control panel, hidden intelligent interface socket, protocol converter. The power controller and dimmer are used to control the ambient lighting, and the intelligent interface socket box protocol converter is used to control the protocol conversion, providing high-quality solutions for the meeting room.

(5) Sound system

It includes meeting anti-howling equipment, audio processor, professional power amplifier, mixer, speaker, microphone system, wireless microphone, wired microphone.

2. Advantages of using intelligent conference system

The intelligent conference system terminal can also be equipped with high-definition or standard-definition conference cameras, turning the intelligent conference room into a intelligent video conference room with video conference functions. With the video conference system inside the system, enterprises can easily realize multi-party video conference functions.

This is a function that traditional intelligent meetings do not have, and a video tracking module can also be configured, which can not only be applied to video meetings, but also be used as an immediate extension of local functions. In this way, it can also improve the interactivity of the meeting and make the meeting become more vivid and exciting.

The intelligent conference system terminal can be said to perfectly integrate all the functions of the intelligent conference system and the video conference system, and expand and upgrade on the basis of them. Compared with the traditional intelligent conference system and video conference system, regardless of its appearance design or the collection of functions, it is based on customer needs and does everything possible to meet the various needs of users, so that the product can create higher value for users.

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