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How to Judge the Stand or Fall of Wireless Microphone System

Although the operation of the wireless microphone system is sometimes very complicated, we can carry out some simple tests (without special testing equipment) to understand the main performance of wireless microphone, which is very practical. Wireless microphones are still "microphones" by definition. Its design goal is to produce accurate audio signals for various applications. The microphone is "wireless" meaning that it can be used without attaching a connecting wire. Before you decide to buy or rent a system, the following tests are recommended to help you assess the quality of a particular wireless microphone system. Each test will check for specific types of performance and problems in the system. In order to obtain an overall assessment of the quality of the system, it is best to conduct as many experiments as possible (but not all) because you will find that some designs perform well in one area and very poorly in another. Only one or two tests are not enough to achieve a better overall assessment.

"Car Key Test"
This is a popular test among high-quality wireless manufacturers. This simple test reveals how wireless microphones can handle high-frequency audio transients well while reflecting the quality of audio processing links throughout the system. Connecting a pair of headphones or an audio system in a wireless system can completely shield the screaming at very high sound pressure levels. It is better to listen attentively to the audio output of the receiver through headphones or audio systems while isolating the sound generated by the key string.Set the input gain on the transmitter to normal according to the average voice volume. Close to the microphone, gently shake the key string to make it jingle. Shake the key chain about a foot away from the microphone, then shake it away slowly until you are 8 to 10 feet away from the microphone. Listen to the audio coming from the receiver. Distinguish whether it sounds like a key chain shaking or a pack of crushed potato chips. Next, shake the key while letting someone talk in the wireless system. Watch out for the distortion of the speaker's voice. Hold the key about a foot away from the microphone, and then 8 to 10 feet away, paying attention to the effect of the speaker's voice.

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