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Introduction of Conference Audio Systems

The conference audio systems include the following types: the discussion conference system, the simultaneous translation conference system, the voting conference system, the camera tracking conference system and so on. The adoption of conference system can prevent people from competing for speeches, resulting in disorder and confusion of conference speeches.

Each official representative has a representative equipment (equipped with a microphone). They speak through the microphone in front of itself, control the switch state of the microphone by operating the buttons on the equipment panel, and realizes the application of speech, vote, and choice of listening language.

Conference Audio Systems

The president of the conference has the priority to manage and control the conference process through conference audio systems. The microphone of the chairman of the conference can be opened and closed at any time through the opening key of his control panel, without being influenced by other speakers. In addition, the chairman can close all the speakers on behalf of the speakers through the priority key on the chairman's priority panel, while the president's microphone itself opens. A meeting mode can be set by the central controller. One person's rotation: if the representative wants to speak, he first needs to press the request on the representative machine, if there are no people speak now, the control panel's indicator light turns red, the light tube on the microphone becomes red, too. If there are other representatives speaking, The lights on the control panel turn to flashing green. The central controller will queue up according to the existing request. After the rest of the representatives have finished speaking, the speaker who made the application can speak. At this time, the indicator light on the control panel and the indicator light tube on the microphone are all red.

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