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Main Hardware Equipment of Conference Audio System

Conference audio and video system, including software conference audio system and hardware conference audio system, hardware equipment mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Speech microphone

It has all the functions of the representative machine (except speech function/LED); the priority button for the chairman's microphone; Turn off the microphone temporarily or permanently. A selection device for issuing different prompt sounds before the chairman speaks;

2. Speakers

Stable output power, high and low frequency transducer

3. Audio processor

Natural realization of the mutual conversion of sound and digital information

4. Preamplifier

5. Suppressor

Feedback suppression algorithm; Eliminate feedback before it's too late; automatically adapting to the acoustic environment; balanced line or microphone input, providing illusion power supply; Acoustic feedback suppressor uses powerful signal processing technology and patent algorithm to suppress the occurrence of acoustic feedback. It uses the algorithm of echo cancellation and eliminating reflection to effectively filter the annoying reflection sound in the room and keep the initial signal intact.

6. Central Control Centralized Control System

Integrating all sub-weak current systems, programming according to different configuration modes, meeting the needs of various occasions, etc. The allocation of control area and signal varies with the configuration of conference room, which meets the independent functional requirements of each subarea.

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