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Do You Really Know the Advantages of IP Public Address System?

Ⅰ. Introduction to IP public address system

IP network broadcasting system equipment is a digital audio broadcasting system based on TCP/IP protocol, which is suitable for all kinds of places with network lines. The equipment includes:

The equipment needed in the computer room is: IP public broadcasting host (including IP network broadcasting software), network intercom, IP network audio collector (4 or 16), IP public broadcast alarm matrix, etc.

Terminal equipment: IP network integrated audio, network wall mounted terminal, IP network front, network broadcast amplifier, IP network ceiling audio, IP network wall-mounted audio, network waterproof sound column, network lawn audio and so on.

Other line types: network switches, category 5 and category 6 cable, single-mode transceivers, etc. are optional.

Ⅱ. Advantages of IP public address system:

1.Timing broadcast: different timing schemes can be set by software. Each timing scheme can set countless time periods to broadcast local music and the music from external traditional broadcasting equipment. The length of music can be set arbitrarily to meet different needs.

2. Point-to-point broadcasting: this is a function that can not be realized by traditional broadcasting system. IP public address system can broadcast to any network terminal with independent IP address, and it can also arbitrarily combine network terminals with different IP addresses to form a partition, which can be arbitrarily matched to meet different broadcasting requirements.

3. Multiple choices of sound sources: you can use music MP3 downloaded locally, or you can collect network music, network radio stations and promotional videos on Web pages for broadcasting. At the same time, you can also convert analog audio of traditional equipment, such as DVD, radio, handset, computer and microphone, into digital signal transmission through network audio collector (4 channels).

4. Portable mobile broadcast paging function: by downloading apps from the mobile phone, you can broadcast to point, to area and even to the whole area covering WiFi. At the same time, you can also order music on the server for teaching.

5. Intercom function: real-time intercom function between two intercoms in different areas or between intercom microphone and network terminal can be achieved, which is convenient for real-time scheduling.

6. Sub control authority management: managers can log in their own accounts and broadcast to look for people and play music at the terminals within their own authority.

7. Low distortion of sound quality: traditional broadcasting adopts single track to transmit, while the terminal of IP public address system adopts fixed resistance of 8Ω to transmit to get good sound quality without distortion as well as bass effect. Therefore, the sound is more saturated and pleasant.

8. Fast construction: it can be built and used in the existing LAN, or in the monitoring network, which is convenient and fast.

9. Simple maintenance: through the IP public address system host, you can monitor whether any terminal is online. If not, you can directly remove the offline terminal for maintenance.

10. Offline broadcasting function: if you download the scheduled broadcasting program to the front of IP public broadcasting system, you can still broadcast normally when you disconnect the server network.

Ip Public Address System

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