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Modern Digital Conference System

With the continuous development of society, information exchange and communication become more and more frequent and important. Various audio-visual equipment, projection equipment, conference system and so on began to enter all walks of life. Conference rooms, audio-visual teaching rooms, etc., are no longer a platform, a chair and a microphone, but a variety of advanced multimedia conference and teaching equipment. For example: projector, video disc player, video recorder, video display, multimedia computer, electric screen. Some large conference rooms are equipped with simultaneous interpretation system, electronic voting system, large screen projection, multi-screen switching system, etc. In this case, the "digital conference system" equipment came into being.

Modern conference system is an intelligent multimedia center-controlled digital conference system. Modern meetings need to express themselves concisely and clearly, display their products vividly and clearly, and be easy to control the changeable on-site environment, etc. The above content is also explained in professional terms. We need high-quality audio signals, high-definition video dynamic pictures and images, physical data, accurate data expression and a set of practical and efficient control system to facilitate all operations. At this time, the conference system not only entered an orderly organizational state, but also ensured the efficient conduct of the conference, so the digital conference system can be regarded as an efficient modern conference solution.

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