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Questions and Answers on Knowledge of Various Audio Conference Systems (I)

What is an conference audio system?
Modern conference system includes many professional subsystems. Audio equipment, video equipment, communication equipment, centralized control equipment, display equipment and so on constitute a complete set of modern multimedia conference system.

Among them, only through the work of various audio equipment, the speaker's voice signal is transmitted and processed, and eventually transmitted through the conference sound reinforcement equipment, which is what we call the audio conference system. That is to say, we will only use audio equipment to transmit and process speech signals, a complete system called audio conference system.

What kind of conference audio system?
Conference audio system is divided into:
1. Discussive conference system
2. Simultaneous interpretation system
According to the different types of transmission signals, they can be divided into:
1. Digital audio conference system
2. Analog audio conference system
According to the different ways of system connection, it can be divided into:
1. Gooseneck capacitor microphone + mixed sound amplifier
2. Hand-in-hand cable conference system
3. Wireless technology conference system (Infrared, 2.4G, WI-FI)

What is a conference audio system?
Digital audio conference system is produced for analog audio conference system.
Digital audio conferencing system converts analog audio signals into digital audio signals composed of many binary numbers 1 and 0 through sampling and quantization. The advantage of digital signal transmission in digital system is that the signal is not distorted in effective distance, has good anti-noise ability and is not susceptible to attenuation. When the signal is weakened, it can be recovered without distortion, which is convenient for computer processing, and the design of the chip is relatively simple. Therefore, the digital audio conference system is developing rapidly, and has gradually become the mainstream of the conference market.

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