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New Generation of Conference Room Sound System: Wireless Conference Room Sound System

A good conference room sound system must include a high-quality sound reinforcement system and pickup system. An even more self-contained conference room has to include a conference discussion system, a voting system, a simultaneous interpretation system and a teleconference system.

It requires the conference sound system to deal with various interferences such as power, lighting, and equipment in the conference room, requiring excellent qualities of devices, such as audio equipment, power amplifiers, mixers and a sound console.

The wireless conference room sound system provided by Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd. can solve various problems brought by the traditional model. Now, we will introduce some wireless conference room sound systems:

1. D6650 D6651 D6652 D6653 D6654 D6655 UHF wireless microphone system

1) LCD monitor (display group, channel, and battery capacity)

2) Infrared frequency pairing point: pair with the button "SET" of the receiver and transfer channel parameters to the transmitter.


2. D6901 2.4G digital wireless conference system host

Its sound transmission and control signals adopt 2.4GHz general frequency processing, and each host controller can support 255 units. Moreover, it is equipped with an automatic interference detection function. When it finds an interference signal, it can allocate another frequency to avoid the interference signal. It will use mature 2.4GHz technology to improve its safety.


3. D6657 antenna distributer

1) It will help lengthen the receiving distance when the antenna distributor D6657 is used in conjunction with the directional antenna D6656. A distributor can be used with four receivers at the same time.

2) If you want to increase the receiver's receiving distance, it will be effective for you to connect a directional antenna to the "ANT A" and "ANT B" ends of the antenna splitter.

3) The active directional antenna must be aligned with the direction of the microphone.

4) The antenna splitter can supply power to the receiver.


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