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A Brief Analysis of the Development Trend of Video Conference Terminal

Video conference terminal plays an important role in the video conference system. It collects the real-time image, voice and related data information of a meeting point, compresses and encodes, multiplexes and sends them to the transmission channel. At the same time, it decomposes and encodes the received image, voice and data information to restore the image, voice and data of the other conference hall. In addition, the video conference terminal also sends the conference control signals (such as application for speech, application for chairman, etc.) to MCU, and meanwhile, it also performs the control function of MCU on the venue, which plays a core role in the video conference system.


HD8000 6Channels Remote Video Conference MCU


The development trend of video conference terminal:

(1)Using low broadband to realize high quality audio and video.

With the rapid development of encoding and decoding technology, the video conference terminal can give the best encoding and decoding and transmission scheme to adapt to the current network conditions according to the network transmission quality, so as to provide users with good audio and video effects when the network fluctuates, and make the audio and video effects smooth in the process of the network from bad to good.

(2) Develop to mobile terminals.

With the development of mobile Internet and the popularity of mobile broadband, mobile devices have become popular. People also hope to be able to use their own devices to participate in meetings flexibly, which can not only improve efficiency, reduce costs, but also reduce energy consumption.

(3) The improvement of the stability and safety.

At present, most of the video conferencing are government meetings, corporate business meetings, etc. Many meetings also involve confidentiality issues, so the requirements for the stability and security of the system are very high. It is believed that in the future development of video conferencing, there will be more unexpected design in terms of stability and security.



HD8001S Remote Video Conference Communication Terminal



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