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Paperless Conference System Helps Companies Improve Work Efficiency

The paperless conference system helps enterprises and institutions to improve their work efficiency. Each conference organizer must carry out tedious tasks such as pre-conference preparations, in-conference seminars, and post-conference summarization. Our paperless conference system just solves these problems. So, what are the advantages of a paperless conference system?

1. Paperless conference system with electronic table cards and sign-in


The paperless conference system is equipped with electronic table cards. The conference staff arranges and adjusts the seats of the participants in the background. After the participants sit down, they can sign in by hand on the touch screen terminal. You can also import information such as names, titles, and photos of the participants through USD and display them on both sides of the electronic table board. Besides, the table cards and seats can be added, deleted, and changed at any time with high mobility.

2. Paperless conference materials


Upload conference materials to the server in advance. Participants only need to enter the paperless conference system and tap the relevant icon on the terminal to view relevant materials and write down annotations. You can also make presentation on the same screen when you need to give a speech during the conference; the entire conference is environmentally friendly, economical and highly efficient. The past paper materials are hard to find.

3. On-screen presentation of paperless conference system


With the video tracking system, the positioning and tracking of speaker's image can be realized, and the electronic documents used in the conference can be seamlessly switched from the same screen to the large screen, completing the intelligent operation of the paperless conference system and achieve interconnection!

4. Electronic whiteboard for paperless conference system

During the conference, participants can circle, write, and annotate on the electronic whiteboard at the same time; participants can share the content written on the whiteboard in real time, and can save the above contents on the server.

5. SMS communication in paperless conference system


SMS communication is divided into one-to-one and one-to-many communication methods. It is convenient for participants to make temporary notices, reminders, and small-scale communication during the conference. Paperless conferences can initiate call services to service personnel at the conference. The service content includes: pen, paper, tea, and others.

6. Voting in paperless conferences


Voting can be initiated in the conference agenda.

7. Confidentiality of information for paperless conferences

The nature of the conference can be set to a confidential level, and only the set participants can view and participate in the conference; all conference materials are not allowed to be saved or downloaded. After the conference is over, all the materials are automatically deleted.

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