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Requirement Analysis of Wireless Pa System for Schools

1. The wireless PA system for schools requires the overall design to achieve unified and centralized system control and management throughout the school.

2. The main control station must have multi-channel and multi-point zone control functions, and can perform zone and separate broadcast control as needed. And with extended functions, you can increase the broadcast control area when needed.

3. The operating platform of wireless PA system for schools should be easy to manage and maintain based on software, and can realize manual and automatic control.

4. The principal's office is set up for sub-control. The principal can control the broadcast of the entire campus without going to the main control room as long as it is on his own computer. It can interrupt speeches in any class and any grade.

5. The classroom can play different content of English listening or background music in different grades or classes at the same time.

6. You can freely choose music as the ringtone for get out of class, and automatically play inter-class exercises and background music at regular intervals.

wireless pa system for schools

7. The classroom of the teaching building realizes point-to-point control of wireless PA system for schools, and each grade and each class can be combined in any zone.

8. Teaching buildings, office buildings, dormitory buildings, gymnasiums, canteens, and playgrounds are separately controlled by areas to realize unattended control broadcast

9. When playing radio gymnastics, the physical education teacher can control the radio gymnastics music without being in the main control room, but can control the start, end, and pause of the music on the playground.

10. The speaker is waterproof, sun-proof, good sound quality, low noise, and wide range of high, medium and low frequency frequency response to adapt to different sound sources. The appearance is beautiful, can be integrated with the actual environment, and has a certain artistic style.

11. The main control of the wireless PA system for schools must have extended functions that can be linked with fire alarms and remote telephone interruption.

wireless pa system for schools

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