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Application of Smart PA System

Ⅰ. Smart PA system applications

The smart PA system is one of the indispensable infrastructures of every school. Although the video technology and network technology have been developing rapidly in recent years, the PA system is still used by all kinds of schools due to its practicality, economy and convenience.

The application areas of the smart PA system include schools, banks, enterprises, airports, commercial hotels and other places. Smart city-level information announcements can be widely used in urban tracing, transportation, medical care, and public security. Large-scale notification of force majeure events such as natural disasters in disaster warning scenarios. Moreover, smart PA system can also be applied in some live classroom video streaming applications ( play the role of school PA system), two-way communication in remote meetings, voice recognition in smart homes and convenience stores and food stores in the C-end market. 

Ⅱ. The smart PA system has the following advantages:

1. Timing, automatic playback

Smart PA system can play various notifications regularly, and it can also play with background music. Traditional broadcasting only relies on people to broadcast at a certain time. If the announcer has something to do, the broadcast must be paused. When using this smart PA system, it only needs to be timed. The content to be broadcast is selected first, and it will be automatically played at the time.

2. Simple operation

The operation is simple and convenient for everyone to use. Compared with traditional equipment, this kind of smart PA system is simpler in operation, as long as you operate it once in accordance with the instructions before use, you can master it. And it is very convenient that anyone can learn.

3. Partition control

It is realized by partition controller and computer control software. The computer sends a command (control signal) according to the customer's instruction and transmits it to the single-chip microcomputer in the partition controller. After the single-chip microcomputer receives the command, it controls the electronic switch action of the partition controller and transmits the broadcast signal to the designated area, thereby realizing the intelligent control of the partition.

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