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The Difference between Two Different Types of Conference Room Wireless Microphones

Generally, wireless microphones for conference rooms can be divided into two categories, namely U-segment and V-segment wireless microphones. Their differences are as follows:

1. The transmission signal of the transmitter (comparison)

The VHF (V segment) wireless microphone transmitter part mainly uses several frequency multiplication circuits to obtain high-frequency signals. The signal carrier frequency of the transmitter is fixed.

Transmitters of UHF wireless microphones for conference room mostly use phase-locked loop technology to obtain high-frequency signals. Most of the transmitter's frequency is adjustable.


2. Receive the transmission signal of the host (comparison)

The VHF wireless microphone receiver also has a fixed frequency point.

Most UHF wireless microphone receivers have adjustable receiving frequencies.

3. Anti-interference ability (comparison)

Therefore, when there are interference signals, VHF wireless microphones are difficult to avoid and UHF wireless microphones can easily avoid various interferences by adjusting the frequency of the transmitter and receiver.

4. Signal transmission path (comparison)

VHF radio frequency signal transmission has little reflection on small metal objects and can be diffracted. It can penetrate non-metallic objects such as the human body. Its feeder loss is low, and the antenna can be appropriately extended. Its battery lasts longer. Its usable frequency range is 61MHZ, the expandable range is too narrow, and the compatible frequency is few. The dynamic range of its signal is small.

UHF radio frequency signal transmission reflects many small metal objects, and multi-channel transmission can cause interference. After passing through non-metallic objects such as human body, its signal attenuates. The usable frequency range is 270MHZ, the expandable range is large, and the signal dynamic range is large.

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