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Speaker System in Conference Room, Key Point Three

The third key point: microphone digital audio processor
A good microphone digital audio processor (commonly known as automatic mixer) can greatly improve the sound quality and transmission gain of the whole conference room speaker system.

There are many digital microphone processors (automatic mixers) on the market, some using noise gate technology, some using feedback suppression technology and so on. A conference acoustics design consulting company has done a field comparative test on the mainstream digital microphone processors in the world, and found that it is most helpful to improve the transmission gain. The best result is the digital microphone audio processor using Dugan technology. Nowadays, many world-renowned manufacturers of digital microphone audio processors, including some well-known mixer manufacturers, also use Dugan microphone processing technology (gain share, PGM technology) in their products. This technology helps us to turn on the conference microphone (even dozens of microphones at the same time) without screaming. And the pickup distance can reach 50cm+, which makes our conference room speaker system more perfect.

Multi-channel digital microphone processor, built-in DSP processing and matrix function, can fine-tune each microphone, but also can fine-tune the power amplifier and speaker of each output channel, greatly improving the sound transmission gain of conference room speaker system. Of course, the construction of conference rooms, but also consider the sound design, sound absorption treatment is very important.

The problem of sound absorption treatment should be considered for the wall, floor and even the conference table of the conference room, which belongs to the problem of sound construction design.

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