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Talk about the Array

Vertical array speakers are new speakers? Don't be misled, everyone. Line Array's idea has been around for a long time, and this kind of math comes from astronomical computation of stars. It's just a little bit of application in physics and acoustics. The reason why a single Line Array sound sounds like a Telephone voice is that the vertical angle is narrow, the coverage of medium and high frequencies is narrow, the volume of speakers is narrow, and the traditional large-scale units are limited, which makes the low-frequency extension design challenging. At this time, when the site is larger than its coverage, the listener lives far away. If you listen at the location and then at the off-axis position, you won't get the effective sound pressure because the angle of fire is narrow and the energy has a good directivity in a certain position. As far as the traditional horn is concerned, the 60 X 40 degree horn with a cover surface at 20 meters can be very good to hear, even if it's off-axis. A 100 X 7.5 degree horn is different. At 20 meters, it has a good directivity, so a single horn like this can not be heard from its axis more clearly than a CD Hone. The blackness under the lamp is more serious than the traditional horn.

So the number of line array loudspeakers is more, the vertical cap angle will naturally widen, and the sound will be natural. Even if this distant directivity is still so good, better than the traditional energy delivery, but the bass can not match, even if the bass speaker unit is how advanced, with the characteristics of wavelength and paper basin still have a certain limit, you can see that any manufacturers in the late development of the array, have launched the flying bass speaker again, and then each price is not cheap, development. Each stage will be slowly updated and grow.

If you listen to a traditional loudspeaker in the same place as a Line Array, of course, the traditional loudspeaker sounds good. Even if the sound pressure of the array is higher than that of the traditional one, the array will never sound good. The high-density compressed sound is absolutely abhorrent. The combination of more than four arrays will get the ideal sound index. However, the low-frequency aspect is not enough for any one brand of the array loudspeakers. Technical issues.

Its low/medium and low frequencies lag far behind the high frequency range. When a sufficient amount of Line Array is combined, the uniform spectrum appears. Moreover, the sound pressure is huge enough to be used. The use of arrays still requires multiple combined sounds to approach the normal level.

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