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The Application and Choice of Paperless Conference System

The paperless conference system is an intelligent conference interactive system based on local area network, private network or mobile Internet. It uses communication technology, audio technology, video technology, and software technology to realize paperless conferences through the electronic exchange of documents. Scenario applications mainly include public security, procuratorate, government, finance, education, enterprises and institutions.

1. The basic characteristics of the paperless conference system

Its characteristics are: file transmission is networked; file display is electronic; file editing is intelligent; and file input and output can be controlled.

Diversified forms of paperless conference terminals include LCD lift conference terminals, flip-type LCD terminals, tablet paperless type, desktop conference terminals, etc. Ultra-thin LCD lifting paperless conference terminal has become the mainstream, which is high-end.

2. Functions of the paperless conference system

The core functions mainly include conference sign-in, name guidance, file distribution and upload, file synchronous presentation, voting, handwritten annotation, call service, voice and subtitle display, remote video conference and other functions.

3. The composition of the paperless conference system

(1) Large screen display system

An important function of the paperless conference room is to carry out multimedia playing, so a large-screen display system is required. Composed of a projector and an electric screen or a touch all-in-one machine, the multimedia video system is the basic means for modern information exchange.

(2) Conference speaking system

It adopts all-digital transmission channel to transmit voice, achieve the opening and closing of conference microphone, show signal indicator light and so on. This is different from traditional analog microphones and mixers, or a speech system directly connected to the mixer.

(3) Sound reinforcement system

The system mainly amplifies and transmits the sound during the conference, and requires that the speaker's voice can be clearly heard in all positions.

(4) Peripheral supporting system

The construction of the basic network support platform plays a fundamental role in supporting the efficient operation of the paperless conference system. The number of  network information point that should be reserved in each equipment node in the conference room conforms to the number of equipment nodes. Use Category 6 shielded copper cables to connect them to the central computer room.

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