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Eight Systems for You to Create a Fully Intelligent Conference Room

Smart meeting rooms are realized by effectively combining some intelligent audio conference systems, such as paperless conference systems, large-screen projection systems, conference sound reinforcement systems, remote video conference systems, and intelligent control systems.

Aiming at the modern positioning of the smart meeting room and the specific functions of different meeting rooms, based on the principles of reliability, integrity, forward-looking and practicality, and fully considering performance, price and functional requirements, to create a smart meeting that takes into account modernity and excellent cost performance It is widely used in many government agencies and large state-owned enterprises such as public security, law, taxation, administration, etc.

Today's office has become more and more intelligent. There are office software for daily communication, and there is corresponding facial recognition for clocking in and out of work. Even traditional conference rooms have begun to become smarter. The intelligent meeting room can not only check in and clock in the meeting, but also vote and make remote video speeches. So what the intelligent conference system are made up of the smart conference room? Let's take a look together next!


1. Conference system · Sign-in System

The conference sign-in system is based on modern electronics and information technology to assess and count the attendance of participants.

2. Conference system · Multimedia Display System

Computer, cable TV, DVD, VCD and other signals are displayed on projection or plasma or LED.

3. Conference system · Speaking System


Desktop microphone, wireless handheld microphone, portable wireless microphone.

4. Conference system · Voting System


Delegates can vote from their seats. There are wireless voting and wired voting. Currently, wireless voting is commonly used in the market.

5. Conference System · Camera Tracking System


Real-time shooting of close-ups of the conference speakers and scenes of the conference venue, and the shooting content can be transmitted to the operation room in real time for the operator to monitor and record.

6. Conference system · Simultaneous Interpretation System

Manually translate one language into different kinds of languages, and the allocation of languages can be wired or wireless.

7. Conference system · Sound and Audio Processing System


The conference room sound system generally consists of audio processing, signal amplification, transmission and speakers.

8. Conference System · Central Control System

2 (1).jpg

Users can use such devices as button-type control panels, computer monitors, touch screens and the wireless remote control device to control projectors, display stands, DVD players, video recorders, decks, amplifiers, microphones, computers, notebooks, electric screens, etc. through computers and central control system software.

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