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Features of a Simple and Efficient Paperless Conference System

The paperless conference system discusses and emphasizes the concept of paperless and environmental protection. The paperless system not only improves work efficiency, but also has far-reaching significance for building an efficient, energy-saving, and low-carbon society.

1. Paperless conference process

The paperless conference organizer manages the content of the conference through the conference management host computer, and distributes the conference notice or file to the computers of multiple leaders' secretaries. After secretaries confirm and reply to the conference management host, the conference materials can be given out.

2. Interactive display of paperless conference documents

The conference secretary can broadcast multiple files or screens to the screen of each participant in real time, so that during the discussion, the conference content of the participants and the presenter can be synchronized. At the same time, in some conferences, it is required that each delegate can freely browse multiple documents of this conference on his own screen. In addition, one can choose the conference secretary to remotely open the desktops of all participants to display the conference files, reducing the attendees' operation procedures.

3. Confidentiality function for paperless conferences

According to the characteristics of the conference, the conference secretary chooses whether it is a confidential conference before the conference is held. If it is a confidential conference, after the conference is over, the paperless conference system will automatically completely shred the conference documents from the physical hardware and no trace is left on the storage space of hard disk so as to fully meet the confidentiality requirements.

4. Paperless conference document distribution

The conference secretary uploads the conference documents to the server in the conference room in advance. After the participants sign in (it is not mandatory), the paperless conference system will automatically download all the documents and materials of the conference to each participant’s computer. We can choose whether each conference representative of this conference can modify the discussion documents of the conference or add comments to the documents through his own conference computer, which is convenient.

5. Computer power management in paperless conference

The system can realize remote startup and shutdown of computers, which is convenient for users to operate. On the chairman machine, through the power button, all the machines in the conference room can be turned on. After the conference, all machines can be shut down, which greatly facilitates the user's operation.

6. Sign-in function in paperless conference

After the participants are seated, click "Enter Conference", and the computer enters the paperless conference system. At the same time, the participants have easily completed the conference sign-in. The system will automatically count the number of attendees and absentees of this conference, and automatically archive them for future reference.

7. Conference information display function in paperless conference

The conference schedule option will display the title, time, process (including conference documents included in each process) and other conference schedules of the conference. Participants can view the list of participants and the seat arrangement diagram at any time.

8. Small note function in paperless conference

Conference delegates can send instant messages to the chairman (or any delegate) to facilitate the communication of personnel in the conference.

9. Document annotation function in paperless conference

The participants can browse conference documents, and also an annotation and modification function has been added. The participants can select tools such as handwriting text input, circle in the toolbar to make an annotation on the document according to their needs. The system can also save the document with modified annotations.

10. Record function in paperless conference

The system can help save all conference materials and conference process materials, and users never need carry notebooks when participating in the conference, and they can write or type, circle and save the conference minutes.

11. Questionnaire survey function for paperless conferences

The conference questionnaire survey function will realize the online questionnaire survey of participants, and the questionnaire results will be automatically counted, displayed in real time, and completed quickly.

12. Multi-software interface management in the same platform for paperless conferences

The conference administrator can use the conference software and finish all the equipment control operations in the conference room on a platform interface.

13. Background management function for paperless conferences

With the powerful background management function, you can set up and schedule contents such as conference overview, participants and seats, conference documents, reading permissions and conference voting, making the planning and design of conference more scientific, convenient and efficient.

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