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The Role of a Paperless Conference System

In response to the call of green environmental protection, paperless conference system  has gradually entered the public's vision. What are its specific functions? Next, I'll give you the answers gradually.

The paperless conference system has the function of improving work efficiency and powerful conference management, which helps you to easily prepare meeting data, including supporting form entry and manually uploading files, as well as one-click import of meeting data, making it more convenient and faster to upload data. The system is simple to deploy. One laptop, one wireless routing device and several tablets can build a paperless conference system, which is convenient for mobile office. It solves the difficulties of data collection and version control caused by data dispersion and data update. Reduce the time of collecting, preparing and printing conference materials, and save the time cost of conference staff.


The paperless conference system has a powerful conference management function, to help you easily prepare meeting materials, that is, support form input, manually upload files, and support conference data one-key import, download materials more convenient and fast. The paperless conference system is simple in layout. One laptop, one wireless routing device and several tablet computers can build a paperless conference system to facilitate mobile work.

The paperless conference system solves the difficulty of material collection and format control caused by material laxity and material updating. Paperless meeting can reduce the meeting material collection, preparation, printing time, save the meeting staff time cost.

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