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The Development and Superiority of Full Digital Conference System

The full digital conference system is composed of a full digital conference host, a desktop conference unit, an embedded conference unit and a conference unit with table cards. It also has functions such as optical fiber transmission, dual machine backup, network management and control, and is widely used in round table meeting rooms, square table meeting rooms, multi-function halls, banquet halls, lecture halls and other places.

The full digital conference system allows us to "visit" any corner of the world without leaving home. As a new way of meeting and communication, the full digital conference system has unparalleled advantages over other conference working systems.

(1) Streaming media technology will be increasingly used in the full digital conference system.  At present, like the full digital conference system, streaming media technology is sought after by industry insiders. Both are important components of video/audio technology, and the mutual integration between the two will create a broad application space.

(2) Visualized virtual cooperation will become one of the core functions of digital conferences for enterprises. When most groups and branch companies use the full digital conference system, in addition to the conference function, virtual cooperation such as remote project management, customer service, and technical training will be frequently used. This application is particularly obvious in knowledge-based enterprises.

(3) Mobile full digital conference system application services anytime anywhere will be highly popular.

(4) The boom in the field of IP digital conferences has shifted the focus of the market to the low-priced ordinary user market. Due to the improvement of technology, the cost of these products is gradually reduced, and with the expansion of the application area, the effect of scale has begun to appear in this field. In this way, the full digital conference system will gradually shift from the high-priced dedicated market to the low-priced ordinary user market.

The full digital conference system has changed the traditional conference mode and brought profound changes. I believe that with the further development and integration of modern communication technology and computer technology, it will penetrate into all areas of social life and play an increasingly important role.


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