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Lead the Digital Revolution Thoroughly: The Advantages and Development of Digital Power Amplifiers

With the application of the Internet and technology, items are gradually developing towards "digitalization". The replacement of traditional physical storage media by digital audio has brought us a new way of listening, but the digital revolution has not stopped. The term "digital power amplifier" is quite popular. In fact, it already exists with the advent of multimedia speakers.  But at that time it was only used as an integrated circuit inside the active speaker, and both notebooks and sound cards used digital power amplifier circuits, so digital power amplifiers did not exist alone before.

Later, due to its high utilization efficiency, a small and simple heat dissipation structure, and a smaller circuit, the digital power amplifier was not only applied to these desktop listening products, but also gradually began to appear in the audio field.

When the digital power amplifier is in the on-off state, the internal resistance is zero when the theoretical state transistor is turned on. There is no voltage at both ends and of course no power consumption. When cut off, the internal resistance is infinite, the current is zero, and no power is consumed. Therefore, the transistor itself does not consume power as the control element, and the utilization rate of the electrowinning is particularly high.

Another big advantage of a digital power amplifier is that it can directly amplify digital audio signals. The digital power amplifier directly enters the digital signal processing circuit to process the decoded PCM digital audio signal into PWM code for amplification. The two more expensive parts of digital-to-analog conversion in the player and analog-to-digital conversion in digital functions are omitted. The sound quality is less damaged, and the cost can also be reduced.

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