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The Introduction of Wall Mounted PA System

Wall mounted pa system belongs to a branch of amplifying sound system, and the amplifying sound system is also called professional acoustics system, which involves electric sound, construction sound, and music sound. Therefore, the final effect of pa system involves the design and debugging of reasonable and correct electroacoustic system, the best combination of good sound propagation environment (construction sound condition) and accurate field tuning, all of which complement each other.

As a system problem, the wall mounted pa system must consider the above problems comprehensively in the system design. On the basis of selecting the electrical sound equipment with good performance, through careful system design, careful system debugging and good construction sound condition, the electric sound is pleasing to the ear and natural sound effect is achieved.

The design of a wall mounted pa system usually begins with the sound field (where the speaker is placed) and then pushes back to a power amplifier, a sound processing system, a sound console, and a microphone and other sound sources. This kind of step - by - step backward design step is very inevitable. Because sound field design is the basis of system function and sound effect, it involves the selection of the speaker system, sound supply scheme, and signal path. Only when the loudspeaker system is determined can the power of amplifier be calculated and the driving signal path is determined, and then the signal processing scheme and the selection of the tuning table can be further determined according to the distribution scheme of driving power.

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