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The Main Development Direction of Future Digital Conference System

What are the main development directions of the future digital conference system? Follow us to find out.

1. Application of streaming media technology in digital conference system


The so-called streaming media refers to the media format played on the Internet by means of streaming transmission. Streaming media is also called streaming media, which means that businesses use a video delivery server to send out programs as data packets and transmit them to the network. After the user decompresses the data through the decompression device, the program will be displayed as it was before transmission. A series of related packets for this process is called a "flow". Streaming media actually refers to a new media delivery method, rather than a new media.

After the full application of streaming media technology, people can chat directly on the Internet by voice input; if they want to see each other's faces and expressions, they only need to have a camera on each side; when they see an item of interest on the Internet, click on it, and the images of commodities will jump out; more realistic image news will also appear.

At present, people in the industry generally believe that streaming media technology will be increasingly used in digital conference systems, and the integration of the two will create a broad application space.

2. Wireless transmission and mobile digital conference system

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With the increasing development of wireless technology, the application of wireless transmission technology is more and more accepted by all walks of life. The development of the conference system will gradually get rid of the shackles of wires and enter the era of free wireless. Wireless is considered a major development trend in digital conference systems.


With the application of wireless access technology and the popularization of WLAN, the mobile digital conference system will gradually emerge. People can find information about their location, work on business or personal matters anywhere. With high coverage mobile communication network, high-speed wireless network and various types of mobile information terminals, a vast mobile interaction space has been opened up for the use of mobile technology. A new revolution is taking place in the application of mobile technology, which will drive the next wave of information technology development. Anytime, anywhere mobile digital conference system application services will be highly regarded.

The digital conference system has changed the traditional conference mode and brought profound changes. With the further development and integration of modern communication technology and computer technology, it will penetrate into all fields of social life and play an increasingly important role.

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