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The Selection of Surface Mount Ceiling Speaker

Site formulation is advocated. It is generally difficult to achieve the best result of the selection of surface mount ceiling speaker and the arrangement of the loudspeakers based on the drawings without observing the actual scene. There is a reference to the installation space between the ceiling speakers in the industry: the distance between the two speakers is two times the distance between the horn and the ground. It usually satisfies the sound demand of the whole field, and it is also a waste to install too much, but it also needs to configure the power and the point according to different field environments.

It is necessary to consider the area where the staff (listener) is often located, whether the listener is often moving, or in a fixed position, whether they are standing more often, or sitting more, and the factors of the background noise of the whole venue environment, etc. Hotels, rooms, halls, corridors, restaurants, offices, supermarket stores, display halls and other venues, as well as each local area of the speaker installation and layout are different. To do well, there is no unified standard. About the selection of speakers and other devices, there are generally three options: low, middle, and best; three grades are offered to customers.

Many customers are also satisfied with the opportunity to get three grades. This provides a very good service, and we design a surface mount speaker installation program that needs to be tailored, to communicate with the customer first, to understand the status of the scene, and thus to provide a set of the most reasonable solutions.

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